Friday, 2 March 2012

The Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Rumor Mill: The Before and After Story

Before Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian was jet-setting with her partner in crime Paris Hilton. While pictures from that time clearly show that Kim has always been gorgeous, something is definitely off. In fact, looking at old pictures of Kim K. almost always leaves the public on the subject of Kim Kardashian's plastic surgery.

Was Kim Kardashian born with such a curvaceous body and full lips? Or have her features been carefully crafted by an expert surgeon? While the aging process can change a woman’s body, some of Kim’s features seem to defy logic.

The Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Rumor Mill: Did She or Didn’t She?

According to Ms. Kardashian, she has dabbled in cosmetic surgery -- kind of. Kim admits to trying Botox and getting cellulite treatments on her most famous asset. Viewers can even watch Kim getting some of these treatments on her hit show. Yet these are the only procedures she will admit to. To prove that her butt hasn’t been inflated with implants, Kim went so far as to X-ray her backside and share the images with the public.

Still, these X-rays haven’t quieted rumors. The public still wants to know whether Kim’s face, breasts and, of course, her butt have been altered. While not all medical experts are in agreement, most plastic surgeons do believe that, yes, Kim Kardashian has undergone several plastic surgery procedures to achieve her famous look.

The Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Rumor Mill: Just How Far She Went

When questioning Kim’s plastic surgery past, most people first want to know about her sizable bottom. Thanks to Kim’s public X-rays, it’s clear that she has not gotten butt implants. It’s also clear that Kim’s backside has expanded since her time as Paris Hilton’s BFF. Many plastic surgeons attribute this growth to a procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift, or butt injections. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon vacuums fat from certain areas of the body and then injects it into the butt. This could explain Kim’s much larger bottom as well as the clean X-ray.

Looking at past pictures, it looks like Kim’s nose has been altered. Pictures taken in 2006 show that both the tip and the bridge of Kim’s nose were slightly larger than they are today. Many people also believe that Kim has had cheek implants, chemical peels, breast implants and facial injections. Recent pictures have even spurred questions as to whether Kim has gotten a face lift.

The fact is, unless Ms. Kardashian shares her past procedures with the public, her fans may never know exactly what procedures she has and has not had undergone. While Kim has changed over the years, it is impossible to determine whether her enhanced appearance is the product of surgery, makeup or age. Kim’s butt could be the product of carefully-placed injections, or she could have sculpted her glutes at the gym. Like any big star, Kim works with skilled makeup artists, stylists and personal trainers who help her improve her appearance. Regardless of how Kim achieved her look, there is no denying that she is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities.


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Maia Dobson said...

Kim Kardashan's body is oozing hot. Every girl wants to have her curves. Maybe she had done some alterations with her body with the Long Island plastic surgery group, still, she's got that gorgeous face as well. She's perfect!

Pearl said...

Whether or not Kim Kardashan went through plastic surgery, her body is still one of the sexiest in Hollywood today. Her curves are 'trademarked'. A visit to the liposuction surgeon in Orange County or somewhere else is definitely worth it.

Jayden said...

It is not new to celebrities to undergo cosmetic surgery perth. They keep on improving their physical looks because they do not want to be left out of the limelight. Kim is beautiful no matter what, I just hope her fake beauty won't fade off.

Helen Grey said...

I agree with Jayden. Enhancements done through cosmetic surgeries are very common in Hollywood. Kim's changing look is quite obvious especially when you compare pictures of her then and now. I don't think that it's just camouflage makeup.

Tommy R said...

I'm pretty sure that she had undergone lot's of different procedures but she does look good. Thanks.
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Wonder said...

Many people also believe that Kim has had cheek implants, chemical peels, breast implants and facial injections. Recent pictures have even spurred questions as to whether Kim has gotten a face lift. pharmacy order tracking

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Steve Flint said...

I'm sorry but Kim is a HUGE piggy. plastic surgery or not, it won't help the ugliness inside! I don't even think Drug Rehab would work on her attitude.

let it be said...

Regardless of how Kim achieved her look, there is no denying that she is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities.
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