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UK Domain Registrations (.uk): Compare the cheapest and the free providers

Do you have a domain name in mind for a great UK based website? Are you looking for a great deal when purchasing a UK based domain name? Secure that domain name by purchasing it for the cheapest price available, or even for free! Purchasing a UK domain name is as simple as accessing a domain name registrar and registering your desired name with the provider.

Some domain name registrars offer cheap domain name registrations, and others will register domain names for free. UK domain registrations are not only offered by UK companies, but also by domain name registrars that operate worldwide.

Cheapest UK Domain Registrations

Below is a list of some of the better known domain name registrars offering the cheapest deals on UK domain registrations.

UK-Cheapest at
UK-Cheapest offers UK domain registrations, with the “” extension for only £2.79 per year. Order your domain name from UK-Cheapest and immediately log onto the Domain Control Panel to manage the domain name. UK-Cheapest will also allow domain name transfers from other registrars.
In addition, UK-Cheapest provides a “Homepage Builder” that allows users to instantly post a homepage to their domain. This tool is free to use and will allow the user to post content within just a few minutes of registering the domain name.
 From the Homepage Builder, type a name for the new site that will live at the selected domain name. Select a homepage layout and select a provided theme and design for the page.
UK-Cheapest also includes several free “Widgets and Gadgets” with all domain name registrations through the Homepage Builder. The Homepage Builder also allows the user to enter contact information that will be posted on a “Contacts” page of the newly purchased domain. The Homepage Builder is an easy to use, free tool that is included with any domain name purchased through UK-Cheapest.

Domain Name Express at
Domain Name Express is another registrar that offers “” domain names at a discounted price. Register a UK based domain name for only £2.59 per year. In addition, Doman Name Express provides an easy-to-use tool for finding and purchasing the right domain. Simply navigate to the site and click “Register a Domain Name” in the left navigation panel. The interface opens, allowing the user to check the checkbox in front of each extension that will be searched. Type the desired domain name into the “Search” input box, and then click the “Search” button. The tool will search all available domain names, using the checked extensions along with the domain name as the search criteria, and then provide a list of available names. Select and purchase the desired domain name, with the desired UK extension.

UKReg at
UKReg has been registering domain names since 1999. This company offers domain names with the “” extension for £2.95 per year. Other extensions, such as “.com,” are available for only £5.99 per year. UKReg is an established company with great technical support. In addition, UKReg offers web hosting deals, too.

1-2-3 Reg at
Another well established domain registrar that offers cheap UK domain names is 1-2-3 Reg. For £2.99 per year, a “” domain may be secured. Purchasing a domain name from 1-2-3 Reg is really as easy as 1-2-3. Simply navigate to the site and type the desired name into the “Search” box. Click the “Search” button to see all available domain names that include the search terms. Other extensions, such as “” and “” are also available at deeply discounted prices from 1-2-3 Reg.

FastVision at
FastVision offers “” domain names for cheap, but also offers “” and “” domain names for the same low price. FastVision charges £2.99 to register each domain name and when a domain name is registered with FastVision, the registration is instant. Many domain name registrars will require a 24 hour setup time before the domain name goes into effect. With FastVision, the domain name is instantly accessible. In addition, FastVision offers free web forwarding, free privacy settings and free domain name cloaking. Many domain name registrars charge for these extras. at
Though CrazyDomains is a relatively new company, this domain name registrar is based in the UK and offers some of the absolute best deals on domain name registrations. CrazyDomains charges only £2.50 to register a domain name with the “” extension. With an easy to use control panel for managing domain names, and great technical support, CrazyDomains is an up and coming contender for the status of the best cheap UK domain name registrar.

GetDotted at
An honorable mention for one of the best cheap UK domain name registrars goes to GetDotted. GetDotted charges £2.99 to register domain names with the the “” extension. Their easy to use site will get your domain name selected, purchased and up and running in no time.

Free UK Domain Registrations

The easiest way to get a free UK based domain name with the "" extension is to purchase a web hosting account. Many web hosts offer free domain name registration for UK based sites when the customer purchases even the most basic hosting account. Hosting accounts may be found at one of the popular hosting providers for as little as £2.99 per month. Free domain name regstration is, in fact, standard with many hosting accounts in the UK. at is a popular hosting company that offers each new client a free domain name with their hosting account. also offers an easy to use tool to launch a website in minutes, once the account is created. Simply create a new account with and select the “Free Domain Name” option. The page will allow you to search for and select a UK based domain name, and then add the name to your shopping cart at no charge.

PS Europe at
PS Europe is a UK based company that offers free domain name registration for “” extensions with the creation of a hosting account. In addition, PS Europe will register .com, .org, .net, .net, .us, and .biz domain names for free with the initiation of a hosting account. PS Europe will also transfer domain names from other registrars and web hosting accounts for free. at
Xilo provides free domain name registration for UK based domain names along with the creation of a hosting account. Xilo will also transfer domain names for free. Xilo, like PS Europe, extends its offer of free domain names to .com, .net and other “TLD” domains, as well as “” extension. Without a hosting account, domain name registration for a “” extension name is priced at £9.99.

UK-Cheapest at
UK-Cheapest not only offers great deals when purchasing UK based domain names, but will provide a free domain name with each PHP/SQL hosting account for free. UK-Cheapest hosting accounts are very affordable and their support is top-notch.
Finding good deals on UK domain registrations and free domain names is not difficult. Many companies compete to provide cheap prices for “" domain names. Several companies will offer their hosting clients a free domain name with each hosting account. If you are thinking about creating a website in the UK, mitigate your risk by selecting one of the many companies that provide cheap or free domain name registration.

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