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New Zealand Domain Registrations: The Free And Cheapest Registrars

If you are having trouble getting traffic to your web site and are using a free hosting provider who gives their users a long, hard to remember URL, you may want to consider purchasing a domain name. With a domain name, you can have an easy to remember URL to provide to potential customers, friends, family and other prospective visitors. New Zealand has it's own unique domain extension, ".nz", which can be purchased from companies providing New Zealand domain registrations.

Domain Name Comission -

While not a domain registration provider, this organization is important for New Zealand domain registrations due to their role in managing disputes, tracking authorized registrars and managing other issues associated with the ".nz" extension. Their website also includes links to all of the authorized ".nz" domain providers.

InSPire Net -

InSPire Net offers domain name registrations for individuals, businesses, New Zealand government entities and academic institutions. InSPire Net charges a flat fee of $45 per year to register a domain name. Other included services with the purchase of a domain name are:
- Free website for academic institutions and non-profits.
- 50 Mb of web storage space for $25 per month OR 250 Mb for $50 per month.
- URL and mail forwarding services, if required.

Utopia Web Services

Utopia Web Services has been offering web hosting and domain registration services for nearly 14 years and have an impressive track record with individuals, businesses and government customers. Utopia offers domain name registration for most domains, including ".nz" and ".com", at a low price of $35 per year. Utopia offers free domain transferring services, so if you are unhappy with your current registrar, you could easily switch without getting bogged down in extra costs.

Orcon -

Orcon offers a comprehensive set of solutions for both residential and commercial customers, including telephone systems, wireless and wired LANs, cloud services, web hosting, domain registration and more.

At a price starting as low as $32 per year, Orcon can register a domain name for you. Free web hosting is provided with all of their New Zealand domain registrations, in case you are in need of a place on the web to park your site. You also receive email account(s) with your domain registration and access to their highly knowledgeable and responsive technical support team.

Web Widgets -

Web Widgets offers all domain names for a flat rate price of $29 per year with free parking, which includes a free coming soon page for anyone who may attempt to visit your website before completion. Web Widget also offers free DNS management services, which include the ability to redirect URLs. This feature is especially useful if you keep your website elsewhere, such as a free web hosting provider, and prefer to not move it to a new provider.

Web hosting services are also available for your domain at reasonable prices, including email accounts, ftp access and more. Web Widgets offers an easy to use website builder that allows you to create professional pages without having to know advanced web coding techniques.

Simple Name -

Simple Name prides itself on offering New Zealand domain registrations for individuals and business owners who may not have web development expertise. They have a feature laden control panel you can access from the web that includes all of the domain management features needed by typical domain owners.

Numerous free services are included with a domain purchase through Simple Name, including email forwarding, access to your email account through webmail, calendar and RSS features and extra cash for referring new domain registration and transfer customers. A domain idea tool is available if you are unsure of an appropriate name for your domain. Simple Name has been in business for over 10 years offering high quality domain registration services.

Domains 4 Less -

Domains 4 Less offers affordable domain registrations for a variety of types, including ".nz", ".com", ".net" and more. For only $19.95 per year, Domains 4 Less offers ".nz" domains. This price is half-priced compared to many of their competitors. You can also transfer management of your domain to Domains 4 Less.

Domains 4 Less offers numerous domain management services for free with purchase, including domain parking, DNS configuration tools, 6 months free web hosting and specialized tools for integrating specialized tools, including Google Apps, Facebook and Blogger, into your website. Email accounts with spam filtering and traffic tracking and analysis are also provided with any domain purchase.

Register Direct -

Register Direct offers a comprehensive set of web hosting and services for New Zealand domain registrations. If you already have a domain registrar, you can transfer to Register Direct for free and still have access to the quality services provided to every customer. Domain registration for '.nz' domains is $59.95 per year regular price, but Register Direct frequently runs specials.

Register Direct has numerous services bundled with domain registration, including web hosting services, advanced UNIX hosting, advanced Windows hosting, FTP access, statistics for website, 24/7 monitoring to ensure your site is up, secure backups conducted on a daily basis and more. Email accounts, URL forwarding and redirecting and 100 MB of storage space is also included with any domain registration or transfer.

New Zealand Domain Registrations / the summary

New Zealand has numerous domain registrars to choose from. When you are shopping for a domain registrar, be sure to ask questions, read the Terms of Service thoroughly and consider checking out a few places to find the best match for you.

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