Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Justin Bieber Baby Rumors -- Get Behind The Scandal

Poor celebrities. It seems like everyone is out to get them. And Justin Bieber, the boy making girls all over the world swoon at the mere mention of his name, is no exception. Just last year, a 20-year-old woman named Mariah Yeater claimed Bieber got her pregnant backstage at one of his concerts. Bieber’s reply was that he has never even met her, let alone fathered her baby. While it seems far-fetched, some do wonder if the Justin Bieber baby rumors are true.

Who is She?

Mariah Yeater is from San Diego. She was on food stamps and has never filed a tax return. Clearly, money is in short supply for her. That may be what led her to seek child support from Bieber. At the time she claimed she was with Bieber, she was 19 and he was only 16, which makes the whole incident statutory rape. A charge she basically filed against herself when she made her allegations. Her ex-boyfriend, Robbie, is widely considered the real father of her child, even according to Yeater’s own text messages. She faced battery charges for slapping him and had to head to trial for that last year.

Her Claim

Yeater claims she won front-row tickets to a Justin Bieber concert and was plucked from the crowd to go backstage and meet Bieber. He suggested they go somewhere private. She then claims they had intercourse in a bathroom for one whole minute, during which time she was impregnated with his child. When she filed the paternity lawsuit against Bieber, the baby was three months old. She is asking Bieber to take a paternity test to prove that he is indeed the father, and also that he pay child support for her son.

Lawsuit dropped

The Justin Bieber baby rumors were never taken very seriously by anyone but Yeater, it seems. Beiber denied the whole situation from the very beginning, stating that he had never even met her. Investigations launched into the situation dug up a lot of evidence against Yeater’s case; so much so that her own lawyers eventually dropped her. Some of the most harming to her case were several text messages to a friend stating that someone else was the father. She has new legal council now, and her lawyers are trying to find proof that the text messages are fake so that they can file new charges against Bieber.

Bieber’s Reaction
Bieber has denied any involvement since the very beginning. Now that the charges have, at least temporarily, been dropped by Yeater’s legal team, he jokes about how ridiculous the Justin Bieber baby rumors are. However, he still fully intends to get a DNA test, which he says will make sure the appropriate parties are held accountable. He and his current girlfriend, adorable Selena Gomez, weathered the storm seemingly unscathed and are as tight as ever.

Unfortunately, it seems that drama and malicious rumors and evil schemes just come with the celebrity territory, one that Justin Bieber seems capable of handling.

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