Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ireland Domain Registrations: The Free and Cheapest Registrars

Are you a small business owner or an amateur blogger? Do you currently have a website for another reason or desire to create one in the future? Are you tired of free web hosting sites that force you to use a long, confusing, cumbersome URL that nobody can ever remember? Consider purchasing an affordable domain name from one of the reputable companies below. prides itself in the high profile customer base they have, including the Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture, many other governmental entities and 98FM. Despite successfully marketing Ireland domain registrations to numerous wealthy entities, continues to offer affordable domain registrar services to everyone.

For only 3.99 pounds, you can purchase a .co domain with DNS management services, URL redirect and whois privacy. If you don't want a .co domain, don't fret: numerous other options are available through, including .ie, .com,, .tv domains and more. also provides domain transferring services and 24-7 technical support to guide you along the process of domain registration. is an award winning domain registrar, winning the Irish Telecommunications Company of the Year award in 2007 and ranking in the top 3 fastest growing companies in Ireland by Deloitte in each of the past three years. has been providing quality Ireland domain registrations for over a decade. offers domain registrations for as low as 6.99 pounds for .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info and .mobi domains. They also allow you to implement your own nameservers, a freedom frequently neglected by other domain registrars. Comprehensive tutorials covering Linux and Windows hosting, building websites, cloud services and more are available for free on their website. Web hosting services are also offered at affordable prices through


Blacknight offers some of the lowest prices for .ie and .eu domains in Ireland. For as low as 19.99 pounds per year, you can register an .ie domain, a price that is over 10 pounds less per year than the average Ireland domain registrar. Domain registration coupled with a comprehensive web hosting package can be purchased for only 3.34 pounds per month.

The quantity and quality of included features with domain registrations is what sets Blacknight apart from many of the competitors. Blacknight offers shared hosting services, VPS hosting services and more. Blacknight offers packages specifically designed for commercial sites, which offer extensive e-commerce features. However, even if you are only looking for a domain registrar and not extra web hosting features, Blacknight is an established, dependable company worth considering.

Lets Host offers numerous web hosting and domain registration services. Many providers of both types of service typically charge steep prices for domain services only, focusing on marketing the web hosting services as a bundle with domain registration. However, Lets Host offers domain registration services at an affordable price without extra purchases.

You can obtain a '.net', .org' and numerous other domain types for less than 7 pounds per year. For '' domains, you can register for less than five pounds for two years. Lets Host offers one of the lowest prices on Irish '.ie' domains at only 14.99 pounds per year. Long-term registrations up to 10 years and domain transferring services are also offered at affordable prices.

ICCM Hosting offers a free '.com' or '.ie' domain name with any web hosting purchase. Even if you don't want web hosting services, you can still purchase a domain separately for an affordable price. ICCM Hosting offers affordable '.ie' domains at only 14.99 pounds per year.

One of the main benefits ordering through ICCM Hosting is their lowest price guarantee: "If you can find a lower price we will refund the difference". A guaranteed bargain coupled with high quality services and technical support make ICCM Hosting a recommended choice for Ireland domain registrations. offers a wide array of web hosting and domain registration services. will also assist with transferring a domain at a low price. Domain registration services start as low as 5.95 pounds per year, with frequent specials offering prices even lower than this. prides itself on their quality technical support. Their website is full of helpful resources for topics ranging from creating a successful blog to tips for creating a secure Linux server.

Ireland Domain Registrations / The summary

There are numerous options available for quality Ireland domain registrations. If you decide against the companies we discussed, please keep in mind the following tips:
- Always read the Terms of Service and other fine print.
- Take the quality of the company's website into consideration, as scammers frequently (but not always) have "cheap looking" websites.
- Discover which domain registrars your family, friends, co-workers, professional colleagues and businesses you frequent have used and inquire about their experiences.

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