Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Adele And Boyfriend: Get To Know The New Man In Her Life

23-year-old singer Adele has been one of the most popular recording artists since she appeared on the scene in 2008. Her debut album was a huge success, but her second album was record breaking. Many of its beloved lyrics are based on a devastating breakup. But Adele’s heart has healed and she has found love again with a new man. Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki have been seen on vacation together and rumors are running rampant that marriage is not far off. Maybe her next album will be all about love and happily ever after.

Who is he?

Simon Konecki is, like Adele, from the U.K. He went to Eton, the same boarding school as Prince William and Prince Harry. His nickname is Swampy, maybe because of his gruff, bearded appearance or the fact that he is into eco-charities. He is 37 years old and a divorced father of a five-year-old little girl, although when he and Adele started dating his divorce was still in the process of being finalized. He was married to his first wife in 2004 but they separated in 2010, after deciding they had grown apart. Konecki left his very successful job to found an eco-company with a good friend. He is now a charitable entrepreneur, which basically means he is a charity director. His charity, Drop4Drop, brings water to people in need all around the world.

Recent Sightings

Adele and Simon hid their relationship from the world for quite some time before finally going public not long ago. They took a vacation together in the Florida Everglades, taking tours on alligator boats and enjoying each other’s company. Simon also accompanied her to the 54th annual Grammy awards, staying by her side the entire night, except, of course, when she went on stage to perform for the first time since her throat surgery, and the six times she went on stage to accept awards.

Proposal in the works?
Although they have only recently been spotted together, Adele and boyfriend Simon have actually been together since last summer. But according to sources, Simon fell fast for the sweet singer. He told her he loved her after only a week and has not stopped since. Now Simon has moved into Adele’s mansion in Brighton, England, where they are thoroughly and completely enjoying domestic life together. They have even picked out a room for Simon’s daughter, a space just for her when she comes to visit. So it is no surprise that Simon is planning on proposing. He has big plans to take her away for a vacation on her birthday and pop the question then.

Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki have both had a rocky romantic past, and neither expected to find love so quickly or so completely. But Adele says Simon is proud of her, no matter how successful she is, and they are both amazingly happy. It is well-deserved for both of them. Here is hoping they find their fairy tale ending, and Adele’s next album will be about finding love instead of heartbreak. 

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