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Adele And Boyfriend: Get To Know The New Man In Her Life

23-year-old singer Adele has been one of the most popular recording artists since she appeared on the scene in 2008. Her debut album was a huge success, but her second album was record breaking. Many of its beloved lyrics are based on a devastating breakup. But Adele’s heart has healed and she has found love again with a new man. Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki have been seen on vacation together and rumors are running rampant that marriage is not far off. Maybe her next album will be all about love and happily ever after.

Who is he?

Simon Konecki is, like Adele, from the U.K. He went to Eton, the same boarding school as Prince William and Prince Harry. His nickname is Swampy, maybe because of his gruff, bearded appearance or the fact that he is into eco-charities. He is 37 years old and a divorced father of a five-year-old little girl, although when he and Adele started dating his divorce was still in the process of being finalized. He was married to his first wife in 2004 but they separated in 2010, after deciding they had grown apart. Konecki left his very successful job to found an eco-company with a good friend. He is now a charitable entrepreneur, which basically means he is a charity director. His charity, Drop4Drop, brings water to people in need all around the world.

Recent Sightings

Adele and Simon hid their relationship from the world for quite some time before finally going public not long ago. They took a vacation together in the Florida Everglades, taking tours on alligator boats and enjoying each other’s company. Simon also accompanied her to the 54th annual Grammy awards, staying by her side the entire night, except, of course, when she went on stage to perform for the first time since her throat surgery, and the six times she went on stage to accept awards.

Proposal in the works?
Although they have only recently been spotted together, Adele and boyfriend Simon have actually been together since last summer. But according to sources, Simon fell fast for the sweet singer. He told her he loved her after only a week and has not stopped since. Now Simon has moved into Adele’s mansion in Brighton, England, where they are thoroughly and completely enjoying domestic life together. They have even picked out a room for Simon’s daughter, a space just for her when she comes to visit. So it is no surprise that Simon is planning on proposing. He has big plans to take her away for a vacation on her birthday and pop the question then.

Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki have both had a rocky romantic past, and neither expected to find love so quickly or so completely. But Adele says Simon is proud of her, no matter how successful she is, and they are both amazingly happy. It is well-deserved for both of them. Here is hoping they find their fairy tale ending, and Adele’s next album will be about finding love instead of heartbreak. 

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Is Justin Bieber Gay? We Try To Find Out..

Is Justin Bieber gay? Since he first came on the scene only a few years ago, Justin Bieber has been plagued by rumors that he is, in fact, gay. Why is this? Has he ever given any indication whatsoever that he is not straight? Or is it just another side effect of being in Hollywood – constantly falling prey to malicious gossip and rumors from people with little else to do with their time?

Possible Causes

Not every star that rises to fame so quickly is bombarded with gay rumors, although it is actually more common than you might initially think. It may be because of his baby face, his long, thick eyelashes, or his full lips that give him an almost feminine beauty. Elvis had many of the same features but no one ever assumed he was not straight. It might be because of Justin Bieber’s voice, which actor Daniel Radcliff once thought belonged to a girl, and many others have said things along those same lines.

There was the fact that just last year Bieber partied in a gay bar at Kremlin in Belfast, Northern Ireland. That made headlines, but the fact is that lots of straight celebrities, like Zac Efron and Prince Harry, have hung out in gay bars. Lots of normal straight people also hang out in gay bars. It does not make them gay.

Another reason the rumors will not die is because Bieber apparently punched a twelve-year-old boy in 2010 for calling him some form of a gay slur while they were playing laser tag. Because of the incident, Bieber joined a cause against bullying and homophobia.

And finally, there was the rumor that Bieber admitted he was gay while being interviewed on Oprah. At the time this rumor came out, he had never even been on Oprah. YouTube videos popped up all over, but it was pretty clear that they were all fake.

So is Justin Bieber gay?

Proof That He is Not
He has denied, repeatedly, that he is gay. He has never given any indication that he might be gay. While he is supportive of the decision if someone should choose to make it, it is not a decision he has made. At the same time Bieber was fielding gay rumors, he was fielding rumors that he had fathered a child with a 20-year-old fan (rumors that later proved to be baseless).

Further proof is in the girls he dates. Since arriving on the scene in 2008, he has been linked to Jasmine Villegas and Caitlin Beadles, among others. He has continually dated many of the hottest young stars in Hollywood, and he has been with Disney favorite Selena Gomez for quite some time. While both claim to be waiting until they are married to have an intimate relationship, photos from their trip to Hawaii left many wondering. Those same photos did a lot to reassure any doubters who still did not know the answer to the question: is Justin Bieber gay?

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The Justin Bieber Baby Rumors -- Get Behind The Scandal

Poor celebrities. It seems like everyone is out to get them. And Justin Bieber, the boy making girls all over the world swoon at the mere mention of his name, is no exception. Just last year, a 20-year-old woman named Mariah Yeater claimed Bieber got her pregnant backstage at one of his concerts. Bieber’s reply was that he has never even met her, let alone fathered her baby. While it seems far-fetched, some do wonder if the Justin Bieber baby rumors are true.

Who is She?

Mariah Yeater is from San Diego. She was on food stamps and has never filed a tax return. Clearly, money is in short supply for her. That may be what led her to seek child support from Bieber. At the time she claimed she was with Bieber, she was 19 and he was only 16, which makes the whole incident statutory rape. A charge she basically filed against herself when she made her allegations. Her ex-boyfriend, Robbie, is widely considered the real father of her child, even according to Yeater’s own text messages. She faced battery charges for slapping him and had to head to trial for that last year.

Her Claim

Yeater claims she won front-row tickets to a Justin Bieber concert and was plucked from the crowd to go backstage and meet Bieber. He suggested they go somewhere private. She then claims they had intercourse in a bathroom for one whole minute, during which time she was impregnated with his child. When she filed the paternity lawsuit against Bieber, the baby was three months old. She is asking Bieber to take a paternity test to prove that he is indeed the father, and also that he pay child support for her son.

Lawsuit dropped

The Justin Bieber baby rumors were never taken very seriously by anyone but Yeater, it seems. Beiber denied the whole situation from the very beginning, stating that he had never even met her. Investigations launched into the situation dug up a lot of evidence against Yeater’s case; so much so that her own lawyers eventually dropped her. Some of the most harming to her case were several text messages to a friend stating that someone else was the father. She has new legal council now, and her lawyers are trying to find proof that the text messages are fake so that they can file new charges against Bieber.

Bieber’s Reaction
Bieber has denied any involvement since the very beginning. Now that the charges have, at least temporarily, been dropped by Yeater’s legal team, he jokes about how ridiculous the Justin Bieber baby rumors are. However, he still fully intends to get a DNA test, which he says will make sure the appropriate parties are held accountable. He and his current girlfriend, adorable Selena Gomez, weathered the storm seemingly unscathed and are as tight as ever.

Unfortunately, it seems that drama and malicious rumors and evil schemes just come with the celebrity territory, one that Justin Bieber seems capable of handling.

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Compare Linux Managed Dedicated Servers

Initial hardware costs and the cost of IT staff can be expensive, especially if you are seeking to run a dedicated server running Linux. Effective Linux administration requires specialized knowledge, which increases the cost of employing Linux system administrators. If you do not have the manpower or financial resources to operate your own server, consider purchasing linux managed dedicated servers from one of the companies below.

maxDedicated -

TenaMax International Inc. owns maxDedicated, a provider of business technologies including dedicated servers, web hosting and more. maxDedicated is located in Wilmington, DE. maxDedicated provides dedicated, unmetered and cloud servers to businesses who lack the staff or funds to operate their own dedicated server and for businesses who would rather have another company handle the hassle of server administration.

The storage dedicated server package consists of 5 main options: a dual core atom with 2 x 1.6 GHz processors, 2 GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive space for $59 per month, an Intel Quad 8300 with 2 x 2.5 GHz processors, 4 GB RAM and 1 TB hard drive space for $119 per month, an AMD Phenom II with 6 x 3.2 GHz processors, 8 GB RAM and 3 TB hard drive space for $169 per month, an Intel Quad 9550 with 4 x 2.83 GHz processors, 8 GB RAM and 2 TB hard drive space for $149 per month and an AMD Opteron 6128 with 16 x 2 GHz processors, 16 GB RAM and 6 TB hard drive space for $369 per month. No monthly transfer limits with purchase and setup costs are free. Upgrades are also available.

The servers come with the choice of CentOS Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora Core, Ubuntu and a few non-Linux operating systems. For the low price, 24/7 server monitoring and technical support and one time upgrade costs make this company a highly recommended choice for linux managed dedicated servers.

ServerPronto -

ServerPronto has been providing affordable linux managed dedicated servers for over 13 years, specifically designing a dedicated server to fit the customer's unique needs and specifications. For only $37.95 per month with free setup, ServerPronto offers an AMD 2000+ server with 5000 GB of bandwith allowed.

Additional servers with more powerful processing units and/or multiple processors, more RAM, more hard drive space and up to 15000 GB of bandwith or more per month are available. If ServerPronto does not have the specific linux managed dedicated servers you desire, they will give you the option of upgrading to a higher performance server at no additional cost. All of their linux managed dedicated servers are connected to the Internet via high speed fiber optics connections and all servers are connected to a redudant power supply system, helping to ensure that even in cases of power failure your server will only experience minimal downtime. offers dedicated servers for as low as $79.95, with the choice of various distributions and variants of Linux, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat and more. Prices start as low as $69.95 per month, which is more than the cheapest linux managed dedicated servers offered, but you will have the reassurance of trusting your server in the hands of well-established company.

The most basic package, "economy", offers a Intel Core i3 dual core processor, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive space and 5 TB bandwith per month, great for small businesses operating web and mail severs. For only a small increase in price, the economy package can be upgraded to the "value deal" package, which includes an Intel Core i5 quad core processor and double the amount of RAM, hard drive space and bandwith per month. Additional packages include the "Deluxe" package, which includes twice the RAM, nearly 3 times the amount of hard drive space (1 TB) and the same amount of bandwith as the "Value Deal" package.

If you require a server with more power, consider one of the full featured, high end managed linux servers. The "power player" is great for massive streaming of video and other large scale file transfers, offering a quad core Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, 2 TB hard drive space and 15 TB of bandwith per month. Don't need the extra processor capacity but do need more RAM? Consider the "memory hog" package, which includes an Intel Core i5 quad core processor and 16 GB of RAM. Do you want the best of the "Power Player" and "Memory Hog" packages? The top of the line "Premium" package offers 20 TB of bandwith per month, 4 TB of disk space and an Intel Core i7 quad core processor.

BodHost -

BodHost, a company operating out of New Jersey, offers discounted linux managed dedicated servers for individuals and businesses who are on a strict budget. BodHost stands by the quality of their servers by offering a money back guarantee and warranties to provide you with extra protection.

BodHost offers a wide variety of packages, making it easy to customize the dedicated server for your unique needs. Dedicated servers with Intel Celeron D, Pentium D and Pentium 4 single core processors are available. Other processor options include Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 and Core 2 Duo i3-540 dual core processors, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 and Core 2 Quad Q9550 quad core processors and Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors. With the offered packages, the amount of RAM ranges from 2 GB to 12 GB and the amount of hard drive space ranges from 320 GB to 3 TB. Need more space or RAM? BodHost offers an easy to use price quote form on their website.

BodHost allows you to use a variety of distributions and variants of the Linux operating system. Also, cloud hosting, virtual private networking and shared hosting services are also offered. BodHost also backs up all data on a regular basis, helping protect you and your precious data from system failure.

Host For Web -

Host For Web offers complete management of your dedicated server and is willing and ready to help you design your customized dedicated server. Host For Web offers 24/7 fully-managed support, reaction monitoring services, discounted domain services, web hosting, reseller, shared and virtual private networking services.

Host For Web offers a simple point and click interface on their website to guide you along the process of customizing your own dedicated server. You can choose anything from a single dual core processor all the way up to a dual six core setup. RAM ranges from as low as 2 GB all the way up to 12 GB. Hard drive space ranges from 300 GB to multiple TBs of space. Only the highest quality memory chips, hard drives and other components are used and parts are protected by Host For Web.

InterServer -

InterServer offers custom designed, cheaply priced but high quality dedicated servers. For only $39.95 per month, you can get a dedicated server with an Intel Dual Core Atom processor, 250 GB hard drive space, 1 GB RAM, 5 usable IP addresses the quality 24-7 technical support customers of InterServer have come to expect.

Is the $39.95 per month dedicated server not sufficient for your needs? Consider upgrades including dual core, quad core and six core processors with speeds exceeding 3 Ghz per core. Also, you can upgrade to over 12 GB of RAM and multiple terrabytes of hard drive space without going broke. Multiple operating systems, including multiple Linux distributions and other UNIX-based operating systems, are available for you to choose from. InterServer only hires the most competent, well-educated and trained network administrators to ensure that whatever operating system or dedicated server package you choose, your server will operate with the most efficiency and least down time as possible. Other services, such as cloud servers and colocation services are also offered by InterServer.

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Canada Domain Registrations: The Cheapest And Free Registars

Canada domain registrations for .ca domains are often expensive, and make it difficult for teens and even some adults to setup their own website. However, finding the best domain registrar can help you get a cheap or free domain so you can make that money site or blog you have been dreaming of for the last few months.There are free Canada domain registrations and there are cheap ones, each with their own prices and services. Often if you are looking for a free domain you have to jump through some hoops, so getting a cheap one may be better for your needs. If you want to make that website of your dreams, then read through this and find the best company to suit those needs.

Cheap Canadian Domains

The average .ca domain costs about $20 to $30 a year, depending on the registrar. This is pretty expensive for a domain, and it can be hard to buy a lot of domains at this price. However, the following registrars can offer you domains for about $10 a year, which is much more affordable.

NetFirms is a domain registrar and hosting company that has been serving customers since 1998, making it one of the older commercial registrars. They sell many domains, and their .ca domains typically cost about $9.95 a year. When you use this company, you are able to have your domain registered within minutes and not hours like with other companies. You gain access to their powerful control panel that will help you manage the domain.

You also get one free custom email address that is tailored to your domain name, and they even offer free hosting with your domain. The hosting is a little limited, as you can only place up a three-page website and the website is ad-supported, this can be great as you work to setup the real site.

CanSpace is a premium .ca domain registrar that offers cheap Canada domain registrations and has a decent list of features. The best of which is their domain privacy protection. Normally when you register a domain, you can elect for WHOIS protection at the rate of $10 a year; this is like buying one domain for the price of two.

However, CanSpace offers this protection for free. This way, if people look up your domain for information, they will not know that you are the owner. This is perfect for businesses or for people that like remaining anonymous.

NameCheap is a bit more expensive than the other domain registrars, but it does come with some extra features. NameCheap is one of the earliest domain registrars, and in those years it has learned that domain security is very important for website owners. Because of this, NameCheap offers many free security tools that will help you keep your domain safe from hackers. They also offer extra security if you buying hosting.

When you sign up with them, you get one free year of WHOIS protection. You can also make a custom parking page as you work on your domain.

Payless Domains

Payless Domains is a Canada domain registrations company that believes domains should not be extravagantly priced, and their Canadian domains are very cheap when compared to the normal $20 and up price that other people charge. You can find your very own .ca domain, and the domains will be registered within minutes.

You also gain access to Payless Domains’ control panel, and they have a lot of add-ons so you can customize your cheap domain for your exact specifications.

Domains At Cost
Domains At Cost offers very cheap .ca domain registrations, and they also have a list of features you can add onto your domain to customize your purchase. Perhaps the best thing about this registrar is that bulk domain purchasing and searching is very easy. You can quickly upload a list, and Domains At Cost will search for every domain in your list.

Whether you are looking for a lot of domains, or if you want one domain, but you want to expand your options, then this registrar is great for your needs.

Free Canadian Domains

To get a free domain, you normally need to jump through some hoops. However, those hoops are generally unavoidable, such as buying a year’s worth of hosting or agreeing to some other demands. Be sure to read the fine print to make sure you are getting what you want.

GYBO, or “Get Your Business Online,” is a Canadian initiative to get Canadians into online business by offering a free .ca domain for 12-months. The only hoop to jump through is that you have to be a Canadian citizen, so you have to enter a Canadian credit card for verification.

This is just for verification, and you will not be charged until the year is up. If you already have hosting, then this will be great for you because you don’t have to pay for hosting to get this domain.


4GoodHosting is a domain registrar and hosting company that offers free .ca domains, on the condition that you sign up for hosting. Most companies want you to sign up for 12-months of hosting, but you just need to register for 3-months of hosting with this company and still get the free domain.

You get 5GB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth with their cheapest hosting package, and the monthly charge is only $5.70 per month for this type of account. However, if you pay for more hosting in advance, then the price goes down.

NTC Hosting
NTC Hosting is a hosting company that also acts as a domain registrar. Normally their domains are not free, but they do offer a free domain plan if you sign up for an annual hosting plan. The domain is only free for that year, and after that you have to pay the normal costs to renew the domain.

At NTC Hosting, their hosting charges are fairly cheap and give you a good amount of space and bandwidth. The budget hosting is only $4.95 a month on their annual plan, and you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Canada domain registrations / the Conclusion

Finding a cheap Canadian domain can be really tough, but there are many registrars around that can help you get free or cheap domains without having to do too much work. Not only that, but most of them have great incentives that make owning a domain easy. Try out one of the above companies, and see just how good it is to have your very own domain.

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New Zealand Domain Registrations: The Free And Cheapest Registrars

If you are having trouble getting traffic to your web site and are using a free hosting provider who gives their users a long, hard to remember URL, you may want to consider purchasing a domain name. With a domain name, you can have an easy to remember URL to provide to potential customers, friends, family and other prospective visitors. New Zealand has it's own unique domain extension, ".nz", which can be purchased from companies providing New Zealand domain registrations.

Domain Name Comission -

While not a domain registration provider, this organization is important for New Zealand domain registrations due to their role in managing disputes, tracking authorized registrars and managing other issues associated with the ".nz" extension. Their website also includes links to all of the authorized ".nz" domain providers.

InSPire Net -

InSPire Net offers domain name registrations for individuals, businesses, New Zealand government entities and academic institutions. InSPire Net charges a flat fee of $45 per year to register a domain name. Other included services with the purchase of a domain name are:
- Free website for academic institutions and non-profits.
- 50 Mb of web storage space for $25 per month OR 250 Mb for $50 per month.
- URL and mail forwarding services, if required.

Utopia Web Services

Utopia Web Services has been offering web hosting and domain registration services for nearly 14 years and have an impressive track record with individuals, businesses and government customers. Utopia offers domain name registration for most domains, including ".nz" and ".com", at a low price of $35 per year. Utopia offers free domain transferring services, so if you are unhappy with your current registrar, you could easily switch without getting bogged down in extra costs.

Orcon -

Orcon offers a comprehensive set of solutions for both residential and commercial customers, including telephone systems, wireless and wired LANs, cloud services, web hosting, domain registration and more.

At a price starting as low as $32 per year, Orcon can register a domain name for you. Free web hosting is provided with all of their New Zealand domain registrations, in case you are in need of a place on the web to park your site. You also receive email account(s) with your domain registration and access to their highly knowledgeable and responsive technical support team.

Web Widgets -

Web Widgets offers all domain names for a flat rate price of $29 per year with free parking, which includes a free coming soon page for anyone who may attempt to visit your website before completion. Web Widget also offers free DNS management services, which include the ability to redirect URLs. This feature is especially useful if you keep your website elsewhere, such as a free web hosting provider, and prefer to not move it to a new provider.

Web hosting services are also available for your domain at reasonable prices, including email accounts, ftp access and more. Web Widgets offers an easy to use website builder that allows you to create professional pages without having to know advanced web coding techniques.

Simple Name -

Simple Name prides itself on offering New Zealand domain registrations for individuals and business owners who may not have web development expertise. They have a feature laden control panel you can access from the web that includes all of the domain management features needed by typical domain owners.

Numerous free services are included with a domain purchase through Simple Name, including email forwarding, access to your email account through webmail, calendar and RSS features and extra cash for referring new domain registration and transfer customers. A domain idea tool is available if you are unsure of an appropriate name for your domain. Simple Name has been in business for over 10 years offering high quality domain registration services.

Domains 4 Less -

Domains 4 Less offers affordable domain registrations for a variety of types, including ".nz", ".com", ".net" and more. For only $19.95 per year, Domains 4 Less offers ".nz" domains. This price is half-priced compared to many of their competitors. You can also transfer management of your domain to Domains 4 Less.

Domains 4 Less offers numerous domain management services for free with purchase, including domain parking, DNS configuration tools, 6 months free web hosting and specialized tools for integrating specialized tools, including Google Apps, Facebook and Blogger, into your website. Email accounts with spam filtering and traffic tracking and analysis are also provided with any domain purchase.

Register Direct -

Register Direct offers a comprehensive set of web hosting and services for New Zealand domain registrations. If you already have a domain registrar, you can transfer to Register Direct for free and still have access to the quality services provided to every customer. Domain registration for '.nz' domains is $59.95 per year regular price, but Register Direct frequently runs specials.

Register Direct has numerous services bundled with domain registration, including web hosting services, advanced UNIX hosting, advanced Windows hosting, FTP access, statistics for website, 24/7 monitoring to ensure your site is up, secure backups conducted on a daily basis and more. Email accounts, URL forwarding and redirecting and 100 MB of storage space is also included with any domain registration or transfer.

New Zealand Domain Registrations / the summary

New Zealand has numerous domain registrars to choose from. When you are shopping for a domain registrar, be sure to ask questions, read the Terms of Service thoroughly and consider checking out a few places to find the best match for you.

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Ireland Domain Registrations: The Free and Cheapest Registrars

Are you a small business owner or an amateur blogger? Do you currently have a website for another reason or desire to create one in the future? Are you tired of free web hosting sites that force you to use a long, confusing, cumbersome URL that nobody can ever remember? Consider purchasing an affordable domain name from one of the reputable companies below. prides itself in the high profile customer base they have, including the Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture, many other governmental entities and 98FM. Despite successfully marketing Ireland domain registrations to numerous wealthy entities, continues to offer affordable domain registrar services to everyone.

For only 3.99 pounds, you can purchase a .co domain with DNS management services, URL redirect and whois privacy. If you don't want a .co domain, don't fret: numerous other options are available through, including .ie, .com,, .tv domains and more. also provides domain transferring services and 24-7 technical support to guide you along the process of domain registration. is an award winning domain registrar, winning the Irish Telecommunications Company of the Year award in 2007 and ranking in the top 3 fastest growing companies in Ireland by Deloitte in each of the past three years. has been providing quality Ireland domain registrations for over a decade. offers domain registrations for as low as 6.99 pounds for .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info and .mobi domains. They also allow you to implement your own nameservers, a freedom frequently neglected by other domain registrars. Comprehensive tutorials covering Linux and Windows hosting, building websites, cloud services and more are available for free on their website. Web hosting services are also offered at affordable prices through


Blacknight offers some of the lowest prices for .ie and .eu domains in Ireland. For as low as 19.99 pounds per year, you can register an .ie domain, a price that is over 10 pounds less per year than the average Ireland domain registrar. Domain registration coupled with a comprehensive web hosting package can be purchased for only 3.34 pounds per month.

The quantity and quality of included features with domain registrations is what sets Blacknight apart from many of the competitors. Blacknight offers shared hosting services, VPS hosting services and more. Blacknight offers packages specifically designed for commercial sites, which offer extensive e-commerce features. However, even if you are only looking for a domain registrar and not extra web hosting features, Blacknight is an established, dependable company worth considering.

Lets Host offers numerous web hosting and domain registration services. Many providers of both types of service typically charge steep prices for domain services only, focusing on marketing the web hosting services as a bundle with domain registration. However, Lets Host offers domain registration services at an affordable price without extra purchases.

You can obtain a '.net', .org' and numerous other domain types for less than 7 pounds per year. For '' domains, you can register for less than five pounds for two years. Lets Host offers one of the lowest prices on Irish '.ie' domains at only 14.99 pounds per year. Long-term registrations up to 10 years and domain transferring services are also offered at affordable prices.

ICCM Hosting offers a free '.com' or '.ie' domain name with any web hosting purchase. Even if you don't want web hosting services, you can still purchase a domain separately for an affordable price. ICCM Hosting offers affordable '.ie' domains at only 14.99 pounds per year.

One of the main benefits ordering through ICCM Hosting is their lowest price guarantee: "If you can find a lower price we will refund the difference". A guaranteed bargain coupled with high quality services and technical support make ICCM Hosting a recommended choice for Ireland domain registrations. offers a wide array of web hosting and domain registration services. will also assist with transferring a domain at a low price. Domain registration services start as low as 5.95 pounds per year, with frequent specials offering prices even lower than this. prides itself on their quality technical support. Their website is full of helpful resources for topics ranging from creating a successful blog to tips for creating a secure Linux server.

Ireland Domain Registrations / The summary

There are numerous options available for quality Ireland domain registrations. If you decide against the companies we discussed, please keep in mind the following tips:
- Always read the Terms of Service and other fine print.
- Take the quality of the company's website into consideration, as scammers frequently (but not always) have "cheap looking" websites.
- Discover which domain registrars your family, friends, co-workers, professional colleagues and businesses you frequent have used and inquire about their experiences.

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Internet Domain Registration Guide: 15 Tips You Should Bear in Mind Before Registering a Domain Name

Do you want to draw more attention to your blog, small business website or personal web page but are tired of sharing one of the awkwardly formatted, burdensome URLs commonly found with free hosting sites? A domain name can help you by providing you with a short, simple URL (i.e. to tell your friends, family members and potential customers. However, you should keep some factors in mind before you register a domain name.

Internet Domain Registration Guide / Part 1 / trademarks, contracts and whois

1. Beware of Already Used Trademarks

Given that a large majority of trademarks are already registered as domain names, it is rather difficult to purposely register a domain that is copying off of a trademark. However, there are numerous trademarks filed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that you likely don't know about, so it is important to check to verify you aren't accidentally 'stealing' a trademark with your domain name. and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( are two places you can visit to verify whether a trademark is taken.

2. Read the Fine Print

Domain registration contracts can be overloaded with hard to read, confusing and excessively long Terms of Service. Most, if not almost all, people skip over the terms of service. Make sure to read the Terms of Service carefully before you register your domain, since it could realistically say that the domain name is property of the registrar, you must pay excessive fees to transfer it out and other unpleasant, seemingly unfair rules.

3. Avoid Registrars Who Charge 'Transfer-Out' Fees

Some domain registrars charge a hidden fee if you try to transfer your domain elsewhere. Typically, this is hidden within the Terms of Service. A lot of transfer out fees violate ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) policies, so if you have any questions, you can go to ICANN's website ( and inquire about questionable fees.

4. Private Domain Registration / Premium Whois Services

Private domain registration, also referred to as premium whois services, is an extra feature where the domain registrar places their own information, instead of you or your business's information, in the whois record. According to ICANN policies, this technically means the domain registrar owns the domain, not you. This feature is typically not worth the extra cost.

Internet Domain Registration Guide / Part 2 / URLs and websites

5. Stick with .COM, .ORG, .NET only!

Many domain registration providers offer .info sites for dirt cheap prices, up to one-tenth or more of the regular price for a .COM listing. With the exception of foreign entities who use an extension such as '', '', or a similar non-US extension, you should always stick to the generally accepted extensions, especially if you are running a business, nonprofit organization, etc.

6. Leave Out Hyphens, Numbers and Underscores

Underscores, hyphens and numbers can look very sloppy and unprofessional in a domain name. Not only that, they are typically also harder to remember. Unless there is an exceptional reason why you need one of these characters in your domain name, you should avoid them!

7. Beware of 'Pay-as-you-go' Plans

Pay-as-you-go differs from registering a domain for many years upfront. Pay-as-you-go typically operates by the provider giving you a small discount for registering for multiple years, then the domain provider only registers you for one year at a time, renewing it every year. Essentially, it acts as an interest free loan to the domain registration company. These plans are frequently coupled with "no refunds" policies. In many instances, the domain registrar ends up making more money through poor service and contracts ending early.

8. Typically Avoid Free URL Forwarding

Free URL forwarding typically involves a domain name that directs to your site elsewhere, such as a website on a free web hosting account. However, some businesses add popup advertisements that appear during the forwarding process, which helps the business make money from popup ad views and clicks but may cause viewers to leave your site out of annoyance with the advertisements.

9. Find out if Registrar Lock is Implemented and if You Can Have the Domain Auth-code

New domain owners have received emails from scammers in the past, requesting payment for renewal fees and other costs. However, paying the legitimate looking bill caused the domain to be instantly transferred to the other scammer. This process is referred to as 'slamming'.

Registrar Lock is a feature that places a hold on your domain so it can't be easily transferred, much like a hold on a credit card if suspicious purchase activity arises. If you choose a company with poor customer service to register your domain, and you decide to transfer your domain elsewhere, you will be faced with a long wait to get the Registrar Lock feature turned off. Ideally, it is best if you can find a company who provides you with the domain auth-code and allows you to turn Registrar Lock off and on yourself.

Internet Domain Registration Guide / Part 2 / keywords, Audience and support

10. Create a Domain Name that is Short, Simple and Includes Keyword(s)

Your domain name should be easy to remember and should include keyword(s) that are important to your site. Try to keep the keywords as general as possible, without being so general that meaning is lost. For example, if you are creating a NCAA basketball bubble team blog, a domain such as '', '' and '' would convey the purpose of the domain and are easy to remember. A wisely chosen domain name can also help with search engine optimization (SEO), leading to increased traffic to your website.

11. Understand Your Audience

Identify who your potential audience will be in the broadest possible terms. If your website is about UNIX programming, your potential audience would include computer scientists and programmers, network administrators, college students, educators, children and adolescents with a strong interest in computing, computer hobbyists, etc. Whether its deciding on a domain name or creating web page content, try to avoid potentially offensive, threatening or overly complex words and phrases. This is especially important if you are a small business, corporation or another entity where you are trying to sell a product or service through your domain.

12. Consider Purchasing Similar Domain Names, Such as Common Misspellings

People commonly misspell domain names on accident. Many companies have used this to their advantage, registering similar domain names and redirecting people to their own sites. In order to combat this potential issue as well as help direct people to your site, consider registering domains consisting of common misspellings that forward to yours.

13. What's the Company's Reputation?

Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB), forums, magazines and other resources to discover the domain company's overall reputation.

14. Technical Support and Customer Service

Before you sign up for a domain from the first company that pops up in a search engine, consider what you would do if you have a pressing issue. Who could you contact? Is there a physical site you could go to? Can you contact by phone or only email? Understanding the technical support and service availability can help you avoid stress later.

15. Remember, You Get What You Pay For!

If domain registration only costs $0.99 for a full year, there's likely a reason. When it comes to domain registrar services, you typically get what you pay for! 

Useful Information and Resources

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Register a domain name: Compare free and cheap domain registrars or providers

Are you a small business owner? A sports enthusiast with a blog? Someone looking for employment in the IT world and wanting to show off your web design, programming and other skills? Just want to increase traffic to your website? A domain name may be exactly what you need!

Individuals and small businesses looking for a cheap and easy way to start a presence on the world wide web are faced with numerous free web hosting options. However, if you look at the URL for your website, it typically looks something like '', which is cumbersome to give to interested people and is also hard for others to remember. Wouldn't it be much easier to remember '' instead of that long, drawn out URL from before? A domain name can help!

Numerous companies exist that allow you to register a domain name. Pricing varies significantly between competing organizations, with some organizations that are even willing to provide free domain name registration. We will help you sort through all of the options to help you find a free or cheap way to register a domain name.

Register a domain name / part 1 / The Cheap Domain Name Providers - starting at $0.99 / yr

1 & 1 Internet offers a variety of domain registration packages, including prices as low as $0.99 for the first year for .info domain registration. Prices range from previously stated price for .info domains up to $11.99 per year for .ca domains. All domains include the option for private registration, a website builder, email account, 24-7 customer support, DNS management and other services. 1 & 1 Internet also provides domain transfer and related services. is owned by 1 & 1 Internet Inc. and has been in business since September 1997. The company's central location is in Chesterbrook, PA. - starting at $!.99 / year offers the following services for individuals and businesses who desire to register domains: domain forwarding, registering for new private or public domains, backordering for currently used domains and more services are offered at a reasonable price. offers a business domain registration package for only $3.99 per year that includes private registration, a whois registration with business contact information and store hours and additional advertising services. A deluxe domain service includes all features of private and business domain registration but also adds additional advertising resources, features to help maximize search engine potential and business card screens. is owned by Wild West Domains, LLC, located in Scottsdale, AZ. This company has an 'A+' BBB rating and has been operating for nearly 15 years. - starting at $2.85 / yr provides domain name registration services for as low as $2.85 per year. does not have any hidden setup fees and offers quality technical support services. The domain registration services also include domain name renewal, a service for building strategies for obtaining links and domain name transfer. They also sell expired domain names, offer a watch service and the choice between private and public domain registration service.

Active-Domain, LLC has been providing domain registration services since February 2001. The main office is located in Beaverton, OR. - starting at $2.99 / yr offers a variety of domain registration packages, ranging from .INFO registration for as low as $2.99 per year, $6.99 per year for .ORG and $9.99 per year for .COM and .NET. Domain registration includes free extras such as domain locking, total DNS control, getting started guides, fowarding and masking, a "for sale" page if you decide to sell your domain in the future and status alerts. also offers discounts for individuals or businesses who register 6 or more domains, bulk domain transferring service, backordering to pre-order for a domain that may be available in the future and domain buy and sell services. is owned by, LLC whose central office is in Scottsdale, AZ. GoDaddy has been providing domain registration services for over a decade., LLC has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+. - starting at $2.99 / yr offers domain registration services as low as $2.99 per year for .INFO registrations and $10.69 per year for .COM and .NET domains. URL fowarding without advertisements or popups, email forwarding, dynamic DNS services, registrar lock, Whois Privacy Protect and the ability to grant administrative rights is included in the registration costs. Website building features are also included for free. offers a comprehensive set of features, making it an affordable place to register a domain name.

NameCheap, Inc., located in Los Angeles, CA, owns and operates This company has been providing domain registration services for over a decade. - starting at $9.95 / yr

Netfirms provides domain registration services for as low as $9.95 per year. The registration process can be completed in only a few minutes. Netfirms has been providing domain name services since 1998 and has a very reliable track record. Every account includes added bonuses such as 1 email account, 5 MB web storage space, domain forwarding, subdomains, DNS management and 24-7 technical support. is owned by Co., who has been in business since 1993 and has headquarters in Toronto, OR, Starkville, MI and London, England.

Register a domain name / part 2 / Free Domain Name Registration Options

NTC Hosting offers free domain name registration services if you sign up for a web hosting plan, which start out at $4.95 per month for the most basic hosting package: budget hosting. Free domain name transferring is also an option if any web hosting plan is ordered.

After you register a domain name with NTC Hosting, you will have numerous options and free services available to you, including full DNS management, whois management, EPP transfer key, ID protection, multi-year domain renewal options, unlimited parked domains and more. is owned and operated by LiquidNet, Ltd., which is located in London, England. LiquidNet, Ltd. has been managing since 2002. offers free domain name registration services, free email accounts, five GB of web hosting space for free and web analytics services to help optimize search engine advertising. 24-7 technical support is also included. Web hosting packages start as low as $12.95 per month or even less if paid in advance., Inc. is a business located in New York, NY that has been providing domain name registration and other web services for over a decade. offers free domain registration, subdomains, basic web hosting features including Blogger support and no renewal fees for individuals who sign up. Businesses have free registration too, but must pay a $3 per year renewal fee. You can get up to 2 free domain names before a fee is assessed. This company is located in South Korea but offers services worldwide.

Register a domain name / part 3 / Final Words

If you are looking for a company to register a domain name, make sure you check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site to discover the company's reputation and review exactly what comes with the domain. Some companies offer "free registration" but don't actually allow you to keep your domain if you try to go to another company. Others force you to use popup advertisements that are annoying and may cause your customers, or for individuals - your friends, to leave your web site without reading it.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Australia Domain Registrations ( Compare the cheapest and the free providers

Do you have a domain name in mind for a great Australia based website? If you looking for great deals for Australia Domain Registrations at the most affordable rate or even free, then read on. This article provides you with links, information and resources that should act as a guide

Australia domain names end with the “.au” extension - the “.au” extension indicates that the website is located in Australia, and caters to the Australian population. The “" domain name extension indicates that the ecommerce site with the suffix handles Australian. A typical Australian domain name would appear as, although other extensions may be utilized instead of “.com,” such as “.org” or “.biz.” However, the most desirable Australia domain names are suffixed with “” Several cheap domain name registrars offer affordable names with the “” extension.

Cheap Australia Domain Registrations

Zip Hosting at

Zip Hosting offers a great deal on “” domain names. This domain name registrar provides Australia domain registrations with the “" extension from $10.48 AUD per year. To get this price, you will need to secure the domain name for two years.Zip Hosting has an easy to use interface and is relatively fast. Once registered, you can manage your new domain name(s) through Zip Hosting’s control panel.

Crazy Domains at
Australia domain registrations by Crazy Domains come in at a discounted price of $12.00 AUD per year. However, Crazy Domains also requires that the registrant purchases the “.au” domain name for 2 or more years to receive this cheap deal. Crazy Domains is a relatively new company, but this company is quickly making a name as a great domain name registrar. Crazy Domains sells UK-based and New Zealand domain names in addition to those specific to Australia.
Crazy Domains offers free 24/7 technical support, as well as an easy-to-use domain name control panel. Crazy Domains will also transfer domain names for free. If you have an existing domain name, and you would prefer to manage the existing domain name through the Crazy Domains control panel, just request that the existing domain be transferred to Crazy Domains. They offer this service free of charge as a service to their customers.

AustDomains at

AustDomains is an exclusively Australian domain name registrar. This company not only caters to the Australian market, but is also proudly located in Australia. With 24/7 technical support and free domain name parking, AustDomains offers services comparable to larger, world-wide domain name registrars. In addition, AustDomains provides customers to automatically submit their sites to over 400 search engines at once. Though AustDomains specializes in Australia domain registrations, AustDomains also accommodates users in the UK, New Zealand and across the globe. They sell not only “” and “” domain names. They also provide customers with “,” “,” “” and standard “.com” domain names. Purchase a cheap Australia domain name from AustDomains at the rate of $69.00 AUD for two years.

Cheap Domain at

Cheap Domain offers “” domain names for $17.48 AUD per year, with the two-year purchase of the name. This site’s domain name search function is found on the home page. In addition, once your domain name account is created, simply log into your account from the home page. Easy to use and simple to understand, Cheap Domain is a great site for finding and securing your cheap Australian domain name.

Domain Central at

Domain Central is a full-service hosting provider that also offers Australia domain registrations for relatively cheap prices. For $24.95 AUD, you can purchase a “” domain name for one year. Domain Central does not require a two-year purchase. However, their cost for a one-year domain name registration is a bit higher than other Australia domain name registrars. Receive a discount on the purchase of a domain name when you buy a hosting plan with Domain Central.

Free Australia Domain Registrations

Many web hosting companies provide free domain names with the purchase of hosting packages. Web design companies will also provide free domain names with the purchase of one of their service plans. Hosting and design companies that provide free domain names include:

Web Hosts Australia at

Web Hosts Australia is the most well-known hosting provider that offers a free domain name with each hosting account. This offer applies to new domain names and accounts only, and does not apply to domain name transfers. However, Web Hosts Australia offers great web hosting deals and their plans are some of the most affordable available in Australia.

Smarty Host at

Smarty Host offers a free “” domain name with the purchase of their “Business ++” hosting plan. The plan is available for a monthly fee of $30.00 AUD.

Design4U at

Design4U is an Australian-based web design firm that will provide you with a free domain name or a free transfer of an existing domain name for free, as long as you purchase a design package from the company

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UK Domain Registrations (.uk): Compare the cheapest and the free providers

Do you have a domain name in mind for a great UK based website? Are you looking for a great deal when purchasing a UK based domain name? Secure that domain name by purchasing it for the cheapest price available, or even for free! Purchasing a UK domain name is as simple as accessing a domain name registrar and registering your desired name with the provider.

Some domain name registrars offer cheap domain name registrations, and others will register domain names for free. UK domain registrations are not only offered by UK companies, but also by domain name registrars that operate worldwide.

Cheapest UK Domain Registrations

Below is a list of some of the better known domain name registrars offering the cheapest deals on UK domain registrations.

UK-Cheapest at
UK-Cheapest offers UK domain registrations, with the “” extension for only £2.79 per year. Order your domain name from UK-Cheapest and immediately log onto the Domain Control Panel to manage the domain name. UK-Cheapest will also allow domain name transfers from other registrars.
In addition, UK-Cheapest provides a “Homepage Builder” that allows users to instantly post a homepage to their domain. This tool is free to use and will allow the user to post content within just a few minutes of registering the domain name.
 From the Homepage Builder, type a name for the new site that will live at the selected domain name. Select a homepage layout and select a provided theme and design for the page.
UK-Cheapest also includes several free “Widgets and Gadgets” with all domain name registrations through the Homepage Builder. The Homepage Builder also allows the user to enter contact information that will be posted on a “Contacts” page of the newly purchased domain. The Homepage Builder is an easy to use, free tool that is included with any domain name purchased through UK-Cheapest.

Domain Name Express at
Domain Name Express is another registrar that offers “” domain names at a discounted price. Register a UK based domain name for only £2.59 per year. In addition, Doman Name Express provides an easy-to-use tool for finding and purchasing the right domain. Simply navigate to the site and click “Register a Domain Name” in the left navigation panel. The interface opens, allowing the user to check the checkbox in front of each extension that will be searched. Type the desired domain name into the “Search” input box, and then click the “Search” button. The tool will search all available domain names, using the checked extensions along with the domain name as the search criteria, and then provide a list of available names. Select and purchase the desired domain name, with the desired UK extension.

UKReg at
UKReg has been registering domain names since 1999. This company offers domain names with the “” extension for £2.95 per year. Other extensions, such as “.com,” are available for only £5.99 per year. UKReg is an established company with great technical support. In addition, UKReg offers web hosting deals, too.

1-2-3 Reg at
Another well established domain registrar that offers cheap UK domain names is 1-2-3 Reg. For £2.99 per year, a “” domain may be secured. Purchasing a domain name from 1-2-3 Reg is really as easy as 1-2-3. Simply navigate to the site and type the desired name into the “Search” box. Click the “Search” button to see all available domain names that include the search terms. Other extensions, such as “” and “” are also available at deeply discounted prices from 1-2-3 Reg.

FastVision at
FastVision offers “” domain names for cheap, but also offers “” and “” domain names for the same low price. FastVision charges £2.99 to register each domain name and when a domain name is registered with FastVision, the registration is instant. Many domain name registrars will require a 24 hour setup time before the domain name goes into effect. With FastVision, the domain name is instantly accessible. In addition, FastVision offers free web forwarding, free privacy settings and free domain name cloaking. Many domain name registrars charge for these extras. at
Though CrazyDomains is a relatively new company, this domain name registrar is based in the UK and offers some of the absolute best deals on domain name registrations. CrazyDomains charges only £2.50 to register a domain name with the “” extension. With an easy to use control panel for managing domain names, and great technical support, CrazyDomains is an up and coming contender for the status of the best cheap UK domain name registrar.

GetDotted at
An honorable mention for one of the best cheap UK domain name registrars goes to GetDotted. GetDotted charges £2.99 to register domain names with the the “” extension. Their easy to use site will get your domain name selected, purchased and up and running in no time.

Free UK Domain Registrations

The easiest way to get a free UK based domain name with the "" extension is to purchase a web hosting account. Many web hosts offer free domain name registration for UK based sites when the customer purchases even the most basic hosting account. Hosting accounts may be found at one of the popular hosting providers for as little as £2.99 per month. Free domain name regstration is, in fact, standard with many hosting accounts in the UK. at is a popular hosting company that offers each new client a free domain name with their hosting account. also offers an easy to use tool to launch a website in minutes, once the account is created. Simply create a new account with and select the “Free Domain Name” option. The page will allow you to search for and select a UK based domain name, and then add the name to your shopping cart at no charge.

PS Europe at
PS Europe is a UK based company that offers free domain name registration for “” extensions with the creation of a hosting account. In addition, PS Europe will register .com, .org, .net, .net, .us, and .biz domain names for free with the initiation of a hosting account. PS Europe will also transfer domain names from other registrars and web hosting accounts for free. at
Xilo provides free domain name registration for UK based domain names along with the creation of a hosting account. Xilo will also transfer domain names for free. Xilo, like PS Europe, extends its offer of free domain names to .com, .net and other “TLD” domains, as well as “” extension. Without a hosting account, domain name registration for a “” extension name is priced at £9.99.

UK-Cheapest at
UK-Cheapest not only offers great deals when purchasing UK based domain names, but will provide a free domain name with each PHP/SQL hosting account for free. UK-Cheapest hosting accounts are very affordable and their support is top-notch.
Finding good deals on UK domain registrations and free domain names is not difficult. Many companies compete to provide cheap prices for “" domain names. Several companies will offer their hosting clients a free domain name with each hosting account. If you are thinking about creating a website in the UK, mitigate your risk by selecting one of the many companies that provide cheap or free domain name registration.

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Steven Tyler Relationships

Rock legends are famous for many things. Their music, their hair, their lifestyle. And of course, their many, many relationships. Almost as infamous as how many relationships rock legends have is who they have them with, and Steven Tyler is no exception, from groupies to models, actresses to fellow rock stars. The Steven Tyler relationships list is an extensive one, and that is just the women the public know about. It is probably safe to assume that there are many more “encounters” along the way that the gossip columnists have not heard about and never will.


Steven Tyler has been married twice. In 1978 he married an ex-Warhol model named Cyrinda Foxe. When she met Steven, she had just barely gotten married to David Johanson, the lead singer of New York Dolls’. The Dolls shared a manager with Aerosmith, and when Foxe met Tyler, she left her husband. They had one daughter, Mia. Unfortunately, while they were married they were plagued by drug problems, numerous affairs, and physical and emotional abuse. Not surprisingly, they divorced in 1987.

Several years later, Foxe tried to publish a tell-all book with several naked photos of Tyler. He fought it in court and won, so she removed the photos but still published the book. The whole incident left a lot of bad blood between the two, but years later, when Foxe was dying of brain cancer, Tyler donated a signed acoustic guitar to a benefit held to raise money for her, since she had no where to live and could not afford her medication. He also paid for a room for her to stay in at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

His other marriage was to clothing designer Teresa Barrick in 1988. They stayed together until 2005 and had two kids, Chelsea and Taj. The reason for their split was never given but it was rumored to be due to Barricks’s affair with the contractor who was supposed to be fixing their home. There are rumors that he was with Barrick’s twin sister, Lisa too, before and after he married Teresa, but no one has ever been able to confirm these rumors.


The Steven Tyler relationships list is a lot longer than the Steven Tyler marriages list. Usually the first mentioned and by far the most scandalous is Julia Holcomb. Holcomb was a 14-year-old groupie of Aerosmith’s when Tyler was 27. Somehow, he convinced her parents to sign over custody of Holcomb, and he brought her to live with him in Boston. They were together for three years, and then he returned her to her parents.
Another relationship worth mentioning is the one he had with Bebe Buell. She was a former model and Playboy Playmate who was famous for her many relationships with rock stars. She and Tyler had a baby, and she named her Liv, but until Live was 11, she thought her father was someone else. Buell told the world that Liv’s father was Todd Rundgren to protect Liv from Tyler’s drug issues.
He has seemed to settle down now that he is in his 60s. He has been with model Erin Brady since 2006 and they own a home in Massachusetts and Los Angeles. So far, the only negative news about the couple has been about her and the catfights she has gotten into at the bars.
There are, of course, a lot more relationships and one-night-stands Tyler has had. The list goes on, full of models and actresses famous in the 70s and 80s, but now that he is a grandfather, he seems to have slowed down adding names to the list, at least a little.

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