Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony

To all the world, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony look like the perfect happy couple. He seemed to appear out of nowhere and save Jennifer from a string of high profile but ultimately doomed relationships.

In fact, Mr. Anthony had been in Jennifer’s life for many years before they married. In the interim, Jennifer was earmarked as somewhat of a quiet wild child with a cleverly disguised wayward streak.

Why? Well, it was due mostly to her boyfriends at the time. Oh, and her risqué award style. Who can forget that gorgeous green dress with the neckline that plunged to her toned belly button.

That dress ensured that the world would be slow to forget an ambitious young woman named Jennifer Lopez who was riding high as one of the world’s super stars.

At that time she was arm in arm with P. Diddy a.k.a. Sean Combs but his penchant for nightclub skirmishes and guns meant that J-Lo eventually had to give him the old heave-ho.

But Mr. Combs is but one of many high profile relationships that Jennifer has had. Going all the way back to 1997, she first married Ojani Noa. But the marriage was ill-fated and they split up a mere nine months later. Noa was not prepared to let sleeping dogs lie.

Instead he has pursued a lifelong revenge scheme against Lopez. She wrote a book and tried to get that published but Jennifer won an injunction against him. He later made a film, a compilation of home video shorts but again Jennifer had that stopped.

There is no question that Marc Anthony is strongly behind Jennifer’s aggressive stance on her privacy regarding this case. The couple are notoriously private and one imagines that is part of the secret that makes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony so strong.

After Noa, Jennifer hooked up with rapper P. Diddy and despite the gun-totting incident she did stay with him for over a year but she eventually called it quits. In 2001 she married a second time to dancer, Chris Judd but the marriage lasted only a year.

She left Judd and soon after hooked up with Ben Affleck. Their union caused such a furore in the media that the couple was dubbed Bennifer. They looked sure to hit the aisle until his various indiscretions involving Vegas hookers put a stop to the nuptials. The wedding was called off hours before the ceremony.

But none of this mayhem was enough to dampen Jennifer’s spirits or put a stop to the evolution of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Months after Jen’s split from Ben, Anthony's marriage of eight years ended and he split from his wife Dayanara Torres. By June 2004, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married.

In 2008, the couple welcomed their twin babies Emme and Max into the world. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony appear to be one of the strongest showbiz couples and they keep much of their private life private.

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