Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Jennifer Lopez Biography: Who is she?

The Jennifer Lopez biography is a jam-packed extravaganza into the life of one of America’s hottest stars and most beautiful women. From box office hits, to music awards; from scandalous boyfriends to marriage and motherhood, there is little of life in the fast lane that this hot Latin chica has not experienced.

We know her as Jennifer, J-Lo and Jenny from the Block, but despite her many guises, one thing is sure, here is woman who knew what she wanted out of life from the get-go and stopped at nothing to get it. That kind of blind ambition might make Jennifer Lopez comparable to Madonna but the two are very different beings.

Although the two are without question talented, savvy and visionary businesswoman and artists, Madonna has always aimed to shake the status quo while Lopez is happy to draw on her roots and Latin traditions for inspiration.

Assuming the moniker J-Lo, recording albums and making films in her native Spanish has cemented her appeal amongst Spanish speaking nations as well as bestowing upon her a stronger feminine appeal.

So where does the Jennifer Lopez Biography begin?

 Lopez grew up in the Bronx, New York, the daughter of Puerto Rican parents. She was raised Roman Catholic and received her education at Roman Catholic schools.

By the age of 19, a young Jennifer had already caught the showbiz buzz and she began to finance her own singing and dancing lessons. In the early eighties, Jennifer was a busy girl dividing her time between working as a notary public in a legal office whilst dancing in New York clubs at night.

In 1987, she scored a bit part in a film called ‘My Little Girl.’ That led to a gig on Yo! MTV Raps where she was a backing dancer for New Kids On The Block.

From there she made it on to ‘In Living Colour’ where she danced as a Fly Girl for two years. By the age of 23, Jennifer’s foray into the pop world was right on track when she landed the job of back up dancer with Janet Jackson. From that point on her career went stellar. Many studio albums followed, the first of which was On The 6, a nod to her days spent taking the 6 subway across New York. This album feature ‘If You Had My Love,’ which was Lopez’s first huge hit.

Other albums include J-Lo, Rebirth and more recently, Love? While all this music making is going on, Jennifer has also been busy making movies. Her movie career may not be as critically recognised due to her focus on rom-com flicks, but no one doubts that she is a fine actress.

She is the highest paid Latin actress in Hollywood and her most recent movies Maid In Manhattan and Shall We Dance? scored high at box offices around the world.

Jennifer Lopez's biography would not be complete without the mention of her 2007 marriage to Marc Anthony and the subsequent birth of her twins, Emme and Max. At 41, Jennifer has a stellar career and a happy family. But there’s little doubt, the Jennifer Lopez biography is far from over.

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