Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ghadaffi's Female Nurse: Who Is this Mystery Woman?

Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of Lybia, is quite the character. While those close to him may have known this for years, the rest of the world is also aware, thanks to Wikileaks.

Some very interesting things have recently been released about the Lybian leader. Among the most interesting is the fact that Gaddafi is terrified of flying over water. He also prefers to stay on the ground floor of buildings, especially when in hotels, which causes numerous headaches for those preparing his travel arrangements. He cannot walk up more than 35 steps at a time. And another very interesting quirk is that Gaddafi refuses to go anywhere without his nurse.

This wouldn’t be odd, except when considering that the man has no health problem that requires a nurse’s constant aid. Actually, that may not be entirely true. He did lose some control over his facial muscles a couple of years back, which many believed to be because of his excessive Botox use.

He also has an oddly shaped, sparse hairline, which was caused by a poorly done hair implant procedure. His team tried to cover that one up by saying that he had a “rare auto-immune reaction” to the hair plugs that required them to be removed. This is a questionable excuse coming from a man that many call a hypochondriac. Considering that Gaddafi is so paranoid about his health that he actually tapes his doctors visits so he can review them later, stories of weird medical conditions seem to be just that--stories.

Who Is this Mystery Woman?

Surely undergoing a few bad cosmetic procedures doesn’t require a full-time nurse. That is, unless your nurse is Galyna Kolotnytska. Ghadaffi's female nurse is an attractive, blond, curvaceous woman that most men would probably love to travel with. Gene Cretz, the United States ambassador to Libya, described her as Ghadaffi's "voluptuous blond.”

Galyna Kolotnytska is a 38 year old Ukrainian nurse that moved in Lybia in 2001. For years, she has been working for Ghadaffi as one of his four regular nurses. However, out of the four, Kolotnytska is the one he truly relies on. Before she was forced to evacuate Lybia, Ghadaffi refused to travel without her. He has said that she was the one one who really “knew his schedule.” But she was not only his nurse and employee, she was also one of his closest confidants.

Unfortunately, due to the current uprising in Lybia, Galyna Kolotnytska has been forced to evacuate the country. She is currently back in Ukraine, but has every intention of returning in “one and a half to two months”, when Ghadaffi is “victorious.”

What Exactly Is the Relationship Between Ghadaffi's Female Nurse and the Lybian Leader?

Well, for starters she calls Ghadaffi “Papa.” It’s pretty safe to say that most nurses don’t refer to their patients in such a manner. Also, if a male boss were to request that a female employee call him “Papa”, they would probably sued for sexual harassment.

All signs point to some sort of romantic involvement between Ghadaffi and his voluptuous nurse. However, Kolotnytska’s daughter, Tatyana Kolotnytska, disagrees. She says that their relationship is completely professional.

A romantic relationship with Kolotnytska could also be a problem, since Ghadaffi is married. Although Ghadaffi’s current wife was also once one of his Ukrainian nurses, it appears that the relationship with Kolotnytska may really only be professional. Of course, it’s more interesting to think otherwise.

Does Ghadaffi's Female Nurse Deserve More Credit than the Media Has Been Giving Her?

Kolotnytska has been quoted as saying, “Papa is good and Papa is eternal," which is a little strange. However, this could just be her way of showing respect for the man that has been her longtime boss and friend. She has also said that her position with Ghadaffi has made her life better. He has financially supported her, brought her around the world, and leads the country that she called home. She continues to show her respect by refusing to speak with reporters about their relationship. Apparently, Ghadaffi was smart to confide in and trust Kolotnytska.

Ghadaffi is an interesting man. He is obviously vain, travels with an attractive entourage, is known to be eccentric, and currently leads a country. And he does all of this while wearing national African garments. It’s no wonder the public is so interested in him. Whether Ghadaffi's female nurse is really romantically involved with him is still unknown. However, you can be sure that he anxiously awaits the moment it will be safe for Kolotnytska to return to Lybia and assume her position as his hea nurse.

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