Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ghadaffi's Female Bodyguards -- Who are they?

Muammar Gadaffi, who is also commonly known as Colonel Gadaffi, is one of the most interesting men in the world. He is the current leader of Libya, a position he gained in 1969. Of course, his position alone makes him interesting. But what really sets him apart is his ridiculous and eccentric tendencies.

Lately, Gadaffi has been receiving even more attention than usual. This is mainly because of the uprising that broke out last month in Libya. It appears as though Gadaffi is losing his grasp on the country. Protesters are making large gains in overthrowing Gadaffi's government.

During such a tumultuous and dangerous time, it makes sense that Muammar Gadaffi would feel the need for protection. Almost anyone would want a team of bodyguards to ensure their safety from the crazed protesters. What’s weird is that Gadaffi has chosen a team of over 200 female bodyguards.

Yes, the Libyan leader has chosen to defend his life with his very own female army. And an attractive female army at that. And they are all virgins. After hearing such a thing, most people simply don’t know what to think. Muammar Gadaffi either has to be the smartest or craziest man in the world.

Who Are Ghadaffi's Female Bodyguards?

Well, as stated before, they are all supposedly virgins. Gadaffi himself has made that claim. Although it would be completely impossible to verify that statement. However, if that’s true, his interview process has to be one of the most entertaining events in all of Libya. One can only imagine what the application for that position even looks like.

Jokes aside, Ghadaffi's female bodyguards are undoubtedly qualified  -- most females would agree that the ‘damsel in distress’ stereotype has long been outdated. This team of bodyguards is highly trained in martial arms and firearms. These women are not just around to make him look good. They carry heavy artillery and are trained to use it.

Seeing Gadaffi's female bodyguards accompany the leader is quite a sight. They are not just your run-of-the-mill bodyguards. Most are attractive and many are beautiful. It’s also very apparent that they take their job seriously. They usually do their hair, makeup, and nails before showing up for work. Sometimes they even wear heels. While this sounds like something out of an action movie, it is actually the truth.

Perhaps Gadaffi believes that protesters will underestimate his bodyguards or will be weary of attacking women. Or perhaps he just likes to surround himself with attractive females. Considering that he also has four regular nurses, and one that is his constant travel companion, it is likely to be the latter.

Will Ghadaffi's Female Bodyguards Defend Him with Their Lives?

Because Gadaffi's bodyguards are all women, many question how loyal and effective they really are. People wonder whether his team is similar to the secret service, whether they would be willing to give up their lives in the line of duty.

The answer is yes, Gadaffi's female bodyguards are willing to die for him. Before being chosen for the position, each woman must swear that she is willing to die in order to defend the leader. They are also told never to leave Gadaffi's side. They must accompany him both day and night.

He also demands that they remain virgins throughout their service, which most would agree is extremely strange. However, since Gadaffi's bodyguards must stick to him like glue, it is probably very easy to make sure they keep their promises.

This position is also highly sought after. Gadaffi's bodyguards have always gotten a lot of attention. There was even a documentary created about the team, by an NYU grad student named Rania Ajami. In Libya, where many females wear a burqa, or at least cover their face, these army fatigue wearing bodyguards are seen as strong, respectable women by the public.

Anyone that questions the loyalty of Gadaffi's bodyguards’ may want to consider past events. In 1998, Islamic fundamentalists attacked Gadaffi's vehicles while traveling in Libya. Seven bodyguards were injured and one was killed. The murdered bodyguard, whose name was Aisha, used her body to shield Gadaffi from the flying bullets. These actions speak volumes about the loyalty of these women.

Muammar Gadaffi is a strange, eccentric man. He is obviously demanding and certainly enjoys having women around. However, the women he chooses to surround himself with are very loyal to him. Even if Muammar Gadaffi’s odd preferences gain him the attention of the media, these women have, so far, saved his life.

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