Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Amanda Knox Family on Oprah

Amanda Knox was just an average girl, spending a year of college studying in Italy, when her flatmate and friend, Meredith Kercher, was killed. What Knox thought would be a year of discovery and adventure, turned out to be nothing but an unshakable nightmare.

Knox is now serving a 26-year sentence for a crime that she says she didn’t commit. Her life, as well as her family, has been torn apart by the tragedy. Through it all, Knox’s family has stood by her side, proclaiming her innocence. Now back in the US, Knox’s parents, Edda Mellas and Curt Knox, appeared on Oprah to share their story with the American people.

Their Side of the Story

Watching Amanda Knox’s parents, who are currently separated, talk about their ordeal is gut wrenching. It’s so obvious that Amanda’s parents are not only devastated, but they fully believe that their daughter is wasting her life, sitting in a jail cell, for a crime she did not commit.

Parents, Edda Mella and Curt Knox, have supported Amanda since day one. They have been so outspoken about their daughter’s innocence that the Italian police are currently suing them for libel because of a 2007 interview. To this day, Knox’s mother swears that Meredith Kercher and her daughter were great friends. She believes that Amanda received a “trial by media”, that if it weren’t for the media publicly crucifying her daughter, that Amanda would have been found innocent in the courtroom. Anyone that didn’t feel sorry for Amanda and her family before, will certainly be moved after watching their emotional interview.

During the interview, Oprah asked Mellas and Knox about their visits with Amanda, their weekly phone calls, and their feelings about how their daughter has been treated. Amanda is allowed one phone call a week, which the entire family gathers around for just to hear her voice. The ten minute connection is what makes up most of their relationship these days, but they said that Amanda tries to be strong and maintain her cheerful demeanor.

One especially touching moment was when Oprah asked Mellas about visiting his daughter in prison. He told the audience about a past visit where all Amanda could do was cry and ask why this was all happening to her. He tearfully comforted her and explained that she was in the “middle of a massive mistake.” Watching Knox’s parents in so much pain really makes people wonder. Many parents can almost imagine themselves in their position. Losing a child for 26 years is obviously extremely devastating.

The Family Explains Life After the Trial

After being sentenced to 26 years in an Italian prison, Amanda has been working to receive her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and awaiting her appeals case. The University of Washington has even designed a special program that allows Amanda to study while in prison. Since she and her family believe that she will one day be released, they feel as if earning her bachelor's is the best way to fill her time.

But Amanda’s life has not been the only one affected. Amanda has three sisters who have had their world turned upside-down as well. The eldest of the three sisters, Deanna Knox, who is only 21, has had to drop out of college and find a full time job. Money has been tight, especially since Amanda’s parents had to mortgage their home to afford her legal fees.

Oprah painted a picture of a family, that even in the toughest times, has stuck together and supported one another. They all love Amanda and cannot wait for the day she comes home. The girls even try to stay strong for their parents. They know how much they worry about her and how heartbroken they are. If one thing has been made clear, it’s that Amanda’s family is suffering, maybe not as much as she is, but very much in their own way.

The Amanda Knox Family on Oprah: What Does Oprah Think About the Knox Case?

Ever the diplomat, Oprah has not released a statement on whether she believes Knox was or was not Meredith Kercher’s killer. What she did, however, was give Amanda’s family a platform from which to speak to the public. Before the dramatic Lifetime movie and interview with Oprah, many Americans didn’t really follow the case. While spreading awareness of the alleged injustice may not free Amanda, the Knox and Mellas family hope that it will at least open the public’s eyes to their side of the story.

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