Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Amanda Knox Extradition: Possibility or a Lost Hope?

Amanda Knox is currently spending her days locked away in an Italian jail cell, waiting to see if her appeals case will set her free. The people that strongly believe Amanda is innocent are up in arms. How could the American government let an innocent young woman--one of our own--be punished for a crime she didn’t commit?

But there are two sides to every story. On one hand, some people believe that Amanda Knox was given every fair chance to prove her innocence. She was given an 11-month trial in which her lawyers had ample time to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that she had not murdered her roommate. Amanda was also given an impartial jury, who listened to her case and reviewed the evidence throughout the entire trial. In the end, the jury deliberated and discussed the case for ten hours, after which, they found her guilty.

Should Amanda Be Extradited?

Amanda is an American citizen. She was given a visa by the Italian government to study, not to commit murder within their country. Her trial was not even paid for by the country she called home, it was funded with tax money collected from Italian citizens. For these reasons, many Italians find it insulting that Americans want her extradited.

However, many over in the United States see it very differently. Many people believe that the evidence was handled poorly and that prosecutors were out to get Knox, simply because she was an American woman. If you look at the evidence and motive presented, you could easily find a few questionable things. This leaves many American citizens wondering why, if Amanda Knox is innocent and has not been given a fair trial, would the American government allow her to be held in an Italian jail.

Is the Extradition Even a Possibility

There are many rules and policies surrounding extradition. The American government cannot force Italy, with whom they have a good relationship, to hand over a murderer. This is not how extradition laws work. Being an American citizen does not give someone a free pass to wreck havoc in another country. If a foreign country gives an American a visa and allows them to spend time on their soil, the person is responsible for their actions during their stay.

If an American citizen committed murder in the US, then ran off to Italy, American officials may ask that Italy extradite the criminal so they may be held accountable for their actions in the American court system. If an Italian citizen killed a person on American soil then returned home, they would also be extradited back to the United States. This is how extradition works. No country can ask that a citizen be extradited simply because they do not agree with their punishment.

That being said, American officials may request that Amanda Knox be extradited to finish her sentence in the US. The Italian government may comply or they may decide that they prefer to keep her in an Italian prison. The decision would be entirely up to them.

What People Are Saying About the Amanda Knox Extradition

Many American citizens believe that even if Amanda Knox is innocent, she will be made to look like a murderer. Regardless of whether forensic experts prove that the DNA evidence used against her in the first trial was contaminated or inconclusive, many people feel that she will be found guilty.

The Italian media has put in a great deal of effort to make the public believe that Amanda was a promiscuous, conniving, manipulative woman. It would hurt their pride and may negatively impact how the public feels about their court system to now say otherwise. Also, it’s no secret that, in Italy, American women are seen as loud, obnoxious individuals, driven by selfishness and feminist beliefs. Of course, not every Italian thinks this, but that is the common stereotype.

What Will Happen to Amanda Knox?

To force the Italian government to extradite Amanda Knox would be a slap in the face to the Italian people. The Amanda Knox extradition would certainly insult the competence of Italian authorities and their court system. Regardless of whether Amanda Knox’s trial was completely fair, the Italian legal system is similar to that of the US.

Just as she would have in the United States, Amanda was given lawyers, as well as a trial judged by a jury and overseen by a judge. She was allowed to present her case, as the prosecution was allowed to present theirs. There is no way that Amanda Knox will be extradited and allowed to walk free in the United States. Her only hope of a semi-normal life is to prove her innocence in appeals court by discrediting the DNA evidence that was originally used to put her behind bars.

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Anonymous said...

I'm convinced of one thing --
That is a certainty -- if they expect US Money - no more is coming!

Anonymous said...

We need to get her here in the USA and hold a trial with all the evidence and an Italian prosecutor...see how they'll fair here. Bet she'd voted innocent. Her trial was totally bias, she was judged by people who don't have a high regard for Americans. Simple.

Amanda know is no killer...USA needs to protect their innocent from tyranny. We were willing to piss off a bazillion countries by invading another country and taking out a ruthless dictator. Let's go in and get her back. If she kills again while she's back - instand death penalty. Somehow I doubt that will ever happen.

Anonymous said...

Right, don't go to Italy but don't also forget to shut down your american CIA black prison in Italy and stop the violent atrocities outside USA.

Also, stop eating our pizza or any of our great Italian recipes and go and eat your crappy burgers and freedom fries and continue to be a fat pig.

Anonymous said...

In italy?
It's dangerous come in glorius United states.... where innocents are killed by state

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