Monday, 14 February 2011

Mark Zuckerberg's Ex Girlfriend Jessica Alona

With over 500 million people on Facebook and The Social Network (the movie) being such a huge hit, Mark Zuckerberg is becoming a household name. But in all seriousness, after watching The Social Network, the wider public wanted to know more than just Mark Zuckerberg -- they wanted to know about his ex girlfriend Jessica Alona.

The Movie: Mark Zuckerberg ex girlfriend Jessica Alona

In the movie (The Social Network), she’s “Erica Albright”, the character who dumped Zuckerberg at a bar, sending him into a spiteful frenzy. Directly after being walked away from, Mark ran to his dorm room to blog that Jessica was a “bitch” and that he needed something to take his mind off of her. That “something” became the infamous Facemash, which let students compare the faces of two Harvard peers to determine the most attractive.

The Real Mark Zuckerberg Ex Girlfriend Jessica Alona

After seeing the movie, fans are left wondering about the girl that not only missed out on landing herself a multi-billionaire, but was portrayed as such a heart breaker. Is she hiding out somewhere, wishing she would have put up with Mark’s lack of social skills and bad attitude? Not many women can say that they’ve dated one of the richest men in the world.

It looks like we may never know the real Jessica Alona -- at least not from Mark himself. He claims that the movie was around 85% inaccurate and that he’s been dating the same girl since before Facebook. But can we trust that statement? No one wants to be left looking like a tactless jerk, especially not one who got burned by his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Jessica Alona isn’t coming forward either. Perhaps she’s a little embarrassed by her portrayal in the movie or the events that occurred. Or perhaps, Zuckerberg is telling the truth. Maybe he really has been in a relationship with the same woman since before Facebook. The makers of The Social Network could have gotten a bit carried away in their desire for a compelling storyline. Perhaps?

A Break in the Mystery..

There was no real information to go off of, regarding the Jessica Alona mystery, until recently. Mark Zuckerberg’s old online diary has surfaced and is circulating around the web. In this diary, Mark clearly states, “Jessica Alona is a bitch. I need to think of something to make to take my mind off her.”

This doesn’t give fans and skeptics much to go off of, but does prove that Mark Zuckerberg ex girlfriend Jessica Alona is real. At one point, Mark Zuckerberg was associated with or dating a woman named Jessica Alona. However, this doesn’t say much about their relationship or what caused such animosity between the two.

It’s possible that Jessica Alona was a girl that Mark was attracted to, but didn’t share his feelings. Or she could have broken up with him in a bar, leaving him to drown his sorrows. Of course, everything that the movie depicted could have been exactly how it happened. Yet, with none of the key players coming forward and validating the story, its more realistic to believe that the movie was based off of real events, but the creators of the film took a more creative approach to interest their viewers.

And interest viewers they have. The buzz around the Erica Albright/Jessica Alona mystery is astounding and compelling at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to know about the girl who dumped the creator of the most popular social network in the world? Whoever the real Jessica Alona is, she could well be a legend in her own right, whether she likes it or not.

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