Monday, 14 February 2011

The Mark Zuckerberg And Eduardo Saverin Settlement

On the face, it may seem that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg achieved his position from serendipity rather than hard work, but this opinion may be based on media artifice rather than solid fact. Indeed, a deeper look reveals another slant, and a different story.

There is no harder work than that which requires you to run a race when you are poised to take a leisurely walk. Mr. Zuckerberg found himself in such a situation. Because of a fluke, a mere accident of fate, he was in a “now or never” position. The opportunity of a lifetime rapped at his door, and he had to work very hard and very fast to take advantage of it.

5% Stake

The Mark zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin settlement, was eventually a recognition of him as co-founder plus a 5% stake in the uber social network. This stake is initially thought to have been 34% at the time of founding the company. This, however, is no small piece of change (given that Facebook’s now well worth over $50billion!), and no doubt Mr. Saverin deserves it -- but Eduardo Saverin played a supportive role, he was not the one who was forced to put his life on hold, pump up his heart-rate up and “leap toward the starting gate.”

Saverin was the business manager. He and Zuckerberg invested a $1,000 each to launch the project; 5 percent of such a huge company is no bad return on such a small investment.

The Beginning

Facebook was launched in 2004. The founding of Facebook is attributed to Mark Zuckerberg and several Harvard classmates, including Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, and Eduardo Saverin. However, it was Zuckerberg’s concept in most part; he hatched the idea and created the website -- along with a supporting cast of hugely talented and very brilliant young minds.

The Legal Battle

A week after Facebook was launched, a cross section of Harvard folk alleged that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea. The seniors sued, and the accusation burgeoned into an ongoing court battle. The main argument swirls around whether Zuckerberg made a contract with several classmates, agreed to create a web site for them, then hi-jacked their idea and made it his own. From there, the legalese becomes impenetrable by the human mind.

No one is yet to focus on the fact that the idea for the website was Zuckerberg’s in the first place -- in part at least. You can’t steal something that is already your possession.

In spite of the legal quagmire and the mist that sorrounds Mark zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin settlement, Facebook is thriving, and the fruits of the social network are all too clear to reap.


It’s safe to assume that the bond that was forged between Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin in college, still exists on some level, and if not irrevocably damaged by the the pundits and “experts”, it will likely reappear as time passes.
Zuckerberg declined to participate in a recent film that characterized him and his friends as being rambunctious kids. The film received both a Golden Globe-winning and several Oscar nominations. Could it be that he refused to have any part of the movie because it was a fictional account that parodied his life and his achievements? More power to him!

The very fact that Facebook emerged from the minds of Zuckerberg and his friends is an example of American ingenuity at its best. Society sorely needs entrepreneurs like this bunch. Hopefully, the Mark zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin settlement, the movie, and the media blitz surrounding these events will neither do irreparable damage to a long-term friendship, nor diminish the legend of a new American hero (or heroes).

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Joseph said...

The settlement can definitely affect everything in a positive way.

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Anonymous said...

Only a little bias, eh?

Safe to say your on facebook, I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. When you get up off your knees and Zuckerberg has done his flies up, maybe write an article that's a little more objective.

Anonymous said...

it's called an opinion asshole.

Anonymous said...

it's called an opinion.

ryanaugustus said...

All he did was create something that lets you communicate faster. I use FB all the time and I get it. This is not ingenuity...that is what Henry Ford did when he created a vehicle that allowed people to travel greater distances at faster speeds. So many more people created worth while things. Zuckerberg created a hobby. Your story is fodder, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hobby or not! I believe it's something useful in many different ways, as a car is only useful in two ways.

(it doesn't have to be ingenuity to be genius)

Opinions are just opinions though..
That's what started this whole project of ideas anyways right?

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