Monday, 21 February 2011

The Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Rumors: What’s The Truth?

Steven Tyler has lived a very, shall we say, full life. He’s been the lead singer for Aerosmith longer than many of us have been alive and has lived the rocker lifestyle for decades. Now he is clean and sober and a judge on American Idol and already famous for his crazy comments to contestants.

At 62 years of age, his perfectly un-lined, unwrinkled face is subject of heated debate up and down the country – fuelling a mist of rumors about a Steven Tyler plastic surgery. Are these rumors true? Or is he just the product of good genes and the rumors are only gossip borne out of jealousy?

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery: The Truth

Actually, there is some truth to the rumors. It is no surprise that he is big on plastic surgery, and he has given up even trying to deny it. No one would believe him if he did. In fact, now he is very open about his plastic surgeries and he even jokes about it quite often. There was a time, though when he denied it all and claimed he would never do it because it was immoral. It’s now apparent that he got over that notion.

He has openly admitted to having surgeries and being a big fan of Botox though some of his die-hard fans refuse to believe that he has had any work done and will defend him to the bitter end. To them, he is just aging gracefully (or not, depending on which fan you ask).

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery: The Surgeries

It seems that his favorite kind of plastic surgery is the injectable type. These include Botox, Radiesse, and fat transfers designed to tighten and smooth the face and eliminate wrinkles.

His most recent surgery, as far as we know, was right before he joined American Idol. It was in his face, probably with Radiesse, under the eyes and cheekbones to fill out the hollow beneath his eyes and firm and tighten his cheeks. It also looks like he has had a little Botox injected around his eyes.

Several plastic surgeons have compared his early-teen photos to photos taken of him throughout the years, and they have come back with several different theories. Although most agree that he has definitely had Botox injections, probably at least once a month, to smooth out wrinkles, they are not all in total agreement as to what else he might have had.

Some doctors believe that he has had several face-lifts, and others point out that his nose, which has always been thin, is even thinner now and that he has probably had a nose-job some time during the course of his life. His lips, at least, are mostly safe from the rumors. Even in his earliest photos he has had wide, full lips. Most surgeons and celebrity gossip-mills alike agree that they are still his natural lips and that they are not the result of lip injections.

Why, Steven, Why?

Obviously, the reason Steven Tyler has a love affair with plastic surgery in general and Botox specifically is to keep his keep his youthful rocker appeal. After all, he is the one that customized the shaggy hair, full lips, tight leather pants, and scarves look. He was (and still is) loved by millions the world over. Men wanted to be him and women around the world thought he was beautiful.

To age gracefully and not attempt to hold on to his youth would be to let go of all that -- and we figure this legend of a rock-star is not just about ready to fade quietly into obscurity. Steven Tyler loves the limelight, he loves to perform, and to him, a youthful image goes with that -- and he obviously does not seem at all phased by the “Steven Tyler plastic surgery” rumors.

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Cosmetic Surgery Perth said...

Rumors are floating out there that Steven has had even more intrusive procedures such as a face lift. He is getting older and the pressure to stay youthful looking in this industry can be unbearable.

Maia Dobson said...

I don't think it is such a big deal because celebrities naturally invest on their physique. A lot of female celebrities do buccal fat removal too and they become more youthful.

daniellaprice30 said...

Botox is a stereotype procedure that celebrity does because they need it. I guess they age fast too because of the frequent makeup use.

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andieclark said...

In my opinion, Steven would look hotter if he didn't have plastic surgery New York. He has a magnificent rocker voice and people love him for his talent.

Maurice.W said...

I think that he did get some plastic surgery or just some Botox just to make him look younger.
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Claudia Newbury said...

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong if one undergoes a cosmetic surgery sydney. People should start opening up to this notion. It gives confidence to people and it makes them feel good about themselves. Kudos to Steve Tyler for finally being true to himself.

Alison Nickson said...

Well, Steven Tyler is old but he's a performer, so I guess he needs these surgeries. But what I don't get is that some celebrity women still wants to undergo a lot of enhancements even if they already look gorgeous?

Aidan Wrench said...

What's new? I think plastic surgery among stars isn't that surprising anymore. They do that to maintain their looks because physical appearance means so much to them, as celebrities.

Hannah Greyson said...

It seems that everybody now is taking a shortcut. Instead of working out and do some wellness stuff, they opt to do surgeries and all that. I have nothing against it, it's just that sometimes it's more satisfying if you do things the hard way then get good results out of it.

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Steven has the right to undergo to those surgery, cause he can afford to. At this time and day, there have been a number of people who are undergoing surgery just to make themselves look more appealing.

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