Monday, 21 February 2011

The Steven Tyler Hepatitis C Scare: A Fight For His Life

The rocker lifestyle can really take its toll. Many people imagine the life of a rock star being centered around sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. And for the most part, they’re right. Follow a famous musician and you will soon discover that there really are groupies backstage and wild parties after big shows.

Even Areosmith front man, Steven Tyler, has been unable to escape the rocker lifestyle without consequence. In 2006, Tyler revealed that he had been secretly living with Hepatitis C for years.

Hepatitis C, which is a virus of the blood, is spread through blood to blood contact. One of the most common ways to contract this disease is to share needles, which makes sense since Tyler did take a liking to heroin in the 70’s. Once infected, Hepatitis C will cause the liver to become inflamed and may later cause cirrhosis or liver cancer. Tyler’s illness is not exactly a safe one to have – in fact, no illness is safe to have.

The Steven Tyler Hepatitis C Scare: The Truth About Tyler And This Illness

Tyler first revealed that he had been dealing with Hepatitis C in 2006. However, he had contracted the virus years before. Tyler only chose to become vocal about his condition in 2006, after he completed 11 months of treatment.

Hepatitis C treatment is no walk in the park. Steven Tyler went through 11 months of chemotherapy, which he reported to have “about killed” him. During this time, Tyler took a hiatus from his career. He spent these months working on his health and improving his physical condition away from the spotlight.

While Tyler successfully made it through treatment, his marriage wasn’t as lucky. Within the first three months of treatment, Tyler’s wife left him for being unfaithful throughout their marriage. The demise of his marriage, as well as the pain of chemotherapy, led Tyler to turn to drugs for comfort.

After 12 years of sobriety, the return to substance abuse was a huge blow to Tyler and his band mates. Fortunately, after a disastrous South Dakota show in 2009 forced Aerosmith to cut their tour short, Tyler received treatment for his addiction as well.

The Steven Tyler Hepatitis C Scare: How is He Dealing With This Disease Today?

After Tyler’s 11 month battle for his health, his Hepatitis C is now under control. The virus is no longer detectable in Tyler’s bloodstream, which means that the treatment was as successful as doctors had hoped.

Tyler now works to educate his fans to the dangers of Hepatitis C. He is remarkably candid about his condition in interviews and hopes that fans will be made more aware of the illness. Now that Tyler has beat this “silent killer”, he hopes that others will recognize the virus in themselves and be as lucky as he was.

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Anonymous said...

Hep c treatment is unbelievably hard. Most chemotherapies don't last twelve months. Most people can't last through twelve months of

the brinkman said...

fi, i agree entirely.. luckily the leaps and bounds made recently in modern medidcine are somewhat helping patients cope better... mo

Anonymous said...

mo, i understand what you and fi are saying but i dont think this is because of medicine. he survived because he is a strong pasionate man who diudnt deservr to die. i love steven tyler, no matter what he has done before i love him for who he is to day and nothing else matters. he also has learned to cope better. so much better that he has been sober for 20 years. i know i terrified when he finally came out and said that he had gotten this horrible disease. i could only amagine what he was thinking. he is an amazing person. he is now helping american idol. he has this vibe when he laughs that i couldnt resist. i love him and i will love him forever. his voice is amazing and he hasnt aged a bit! im sorry for raveing on about how much i love him, but i had to he is my idol and i will be there for him forever. you know the song i dont want to miss a thing? well thats how i feel i dream of him every night and see him almost every day, i cant get away from him, he is my dryg he makes me so so well if you have ever been in love you know how i feel. he has sung that song for me many a night and every time he gives me goose bumps and it also mekes me cry knowing that he is now only singing this song for me. i love steven tyler!!! he is sitting here next to me and he has something to say:
hello!! it is so amazin' that im alive i know. but i also understand that what i did was not the best way i could of delt. shes not lying about the song at night she cries and i wipr awat the teers in her eyes.
im really supprised he didnt curse, will i did tell him not to but you never know :) my favorite saying from him is "fuck the duck and see what hatches" it is so funny! thankyou for all your time. wait one seccont steven has another thing to say:
i want to tell you all that i really love that fact that you supported me and the fact that you didnt stop listenint to aerosmith and im amazed that people still think im the greates motherfucker around. i know this because my new song it feels so good has so many hitts and i am so amazed younger viewers have foung a new intrest in music. they are lik fuch the wheels on the bus, i want steven! i have a new song comeing out soon i hope you love it just as much as all the others.
oh steven... :) i enjoyed shareing this time with youguys and steven but i have to go... umm... with... steven... :)
see ya,
mrs. steven tyler

the brinkman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the brinkman said...

are u really mrs. steven tyler?! wow....!! amazing! x

Anonymous said...

Dear Steven, I have Hep C, I went through an experimental treatment a couple years ago and had a zero viral count but then had to lower my doses due to my iron level and other issues. I will start my next treatment in a couple of weeks and I will be on the treatment for one whole year, yeah? Please pray for my cure. This time I hope it works! I have had this terrible crap sence I was 20. Now I'm 45.

I am so happy you are cured!
Lots of love, Curls

Anonymous said...

I just saw Steven on Oprah last night and he looked great, I am glad to hear it worked for him. I am contemplating the treatment myself. Have had hep c since 1979, I now have such joint pain from my iron levels I can barely work each day. anyway, I am glad it helped Steven and hope I can muster the courage to try the cure soon. H,

Anonymous said...

Well on treatment again! This time it WILL work!!! Having faith!

Anonymous said...

I have it and the doctor said to go 6 more months and see if my own bodly clears is and then i wont need the horrible treatment drugs in my system as i hear they are the worst thing you could indure on a daily life schedule especcially since im just a bout to graduate highschool and move off to college. Boy do i sure hope my immune system clears it in these 6 months its a %40 chance and i pray it works out i mean i have only had it for less than a year because i just got diagnosed with it and i used to use iv drugs back in july of 2011 when i was 17 now im 18 so i am very hopefull and being positive about it taking vitamins and milk thistle aswell as eating as well as i can for my young age. If he can do it afgter 11 year im confident i can after less then 1. Genotype 3a

Anonymous said...

I too have hep C and it is a bear. Unfortunately I also have crohn's disease and Cirhosis has set in. I am on Peg-Interferon and ribivirin and will be for another 14 months. my viral load has gone to zero after 4 months of treatment but because of the Crohn's I recently nearly bled out and they had to reduce my Peg-Interferon by half. I am still praying it will work but it is scary. please let me know if anyone else has hep c with cirhosis and what their prognosis is. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i was just diagnosed with hep c and i am scared to death. peaople have made light of it as it is a slow moving long process of death but death for sure without treatment and even then is not a garuntee. i need to hear from people that have had or currently have hep c to help walk me through this and relay their fight.....thanks MIKE

Anonymous said...

First I want to say Im sorry you have this disease and it is by far very hard to fight the main thing is to keep a postive mind always even when you get so sick from the treatments please stick with it I was diagnosed of having hep c in dec 2010 which I got in 1979 for over 30 years now and had been put on treatments March of 2011 I had taken Interforn shots and Ribavirin for 4 months and the treatments stopped working for me my levels were so outta control and I had to repeat the treatment in july and in Aug 2011 I also was put on a third treatment new drug called Victrelis which came out in may 2011 it acts like chemothephy I was so sick from all theses drugs and it was very hard to fight your brain deserts you and u feel helpless with all that comes with theses drugs an how it effects you and my viral load in the begining was at 55 million copies in nov 2011 till jan 9 2012 the virus wasnt shown in my blood and I was almost home free from this silent dragin HAD 10 more weeks to go, only to hear on my blood test at the end of Jan came back postive with a viral load of 5 million copies i had three more test sent out to different labs and just found out all of which came back postive in my blood so I had to stop my Victrelis, but contuined on my other two treatments for another 4 more months and if it shows in my blood still they will stop all my treatments and just monitor my levels and making sure things dont get out of control Which means I will be a non responder and no body understands how you feel going through this treatments Unless they have been there SO please make sure you have a good support system and be very postive no matter how you feel dont QUIT keep going this demon wants us all to quit so it can kill us but dont give in fight have someone you can talk to and get out all of your feelings on this matter and make sure you have a good Doctor and that you follow what they tell you dont skip any of your treatments and take on time, and take one day at a time, I am blessed I have a wonderful doctor helping me thru this even now im not a quiter I will fight till the end! Good Luck and God Bless you Remember be POSTIVE!! even when it feels like no hope believe in yourself Still Smiling!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there everyone with Hep C or loved ones with Hep C! I am 33 and first had treatment (11 months worth) when I was 23. My viral load was zero while on treatment, but as soon as I stopped I relapsed and the virus came back. I am currently 15 weeks into my second treatment, this time including a new drug- so 3 drugs total. Even if this treatment doesn't work my doctor is very hopeful that new treatments will still be invented. So, hang on and stay positive! Eat healthy, exercise, do things that make you happy- I truly believe that living in a positive way while enduring pain is half the battle!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve! i was diagnosed in 2000 went thru the interferon treatment it didnt work, now im developing liver problems i have no support from anyone im 55 yoa and an oncologist seys im last om the list for help,i guess im just going to suffer, alone till i die, ive already used my medicare ins to the point that my deductibles are in-affordable, i never used needles, but had many relationships with women i guess i paid the ultimate price for pleasure, what do you suggest i do ,besides taking really good care of myself, like ive been doing for some time now rocknroll Greg, p.s been a fan for decades.

Kamagra said...

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hello said...

I am blessed I have a wonderful doctor helping me thru this even now im not a quiter I will fight till the end! Good Luck and God Bless you Remember be POSTIVE!!

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Anonymous said...

I just found out today.i have this disease. Im very scared and alone! I didnt do drugs or have sex with someone who does. Im confused and after reading this im very scared ..i dont have the money like Steven Tyler does ...but i am so glad he is doing better.. i love Steve Tyler.. Scared!

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