Monday, 21 February 2011

Steven Tyler Drugs Problem: How The Rock star Has Coped With Addiction

As is the case with many rock stars, Steven Tyler has had his fair share of problems with drugs. For Steven Tyler, drugs have been an issue since he was in his teens. While some kids begin experimenting in high school, Tyler’s drug use was so bad that he was actually expelled because of it. Needless to say, this pattern repeated itself throughout his life.

While Tyler was partying like a rock star, he was becoming a real life star as well. In 1975, Aerosmith broke into the Top 40 list with “Sweet Emotion” and in 1976, “Dream On” made the Top 10. During this time, Steven Tyler was notorious for his wild ways. Tyler and his partner in crime, guitarist Joe Perry, were known on the scene as the Toxic Twins.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry didn’t exactly earn themselves the name Toxic Twins for their good behavior. This name came from their love of groupies, parties, and of course, drugs. Stimulants and heroin were their drugs of choice in those days. Other, not so innocent, rock stars even recognized the two for their legendary partying and uncontrollable ways.

Addiction Through the Years

Throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s, Steven Tyler's drugs use continued to spiral out of control. Yet, he wasn’t the only culprit. The whole band took part in the wild parties and encouraged each other’s substance abuse.

By 1986, the band had had enough. Steven Tyler’s behavior had gotten way out of hand. Fellow Aerosmith members stepped in and held an intervention. Tyler agreed and he, as well as the rest of the band, eventually went through rehab during the late 80’s.

But the story doesn’t end there. After 12 years of sobriety, Steven Tyler picked right up where he left off. Except, this time, he began using prescription drugs. In his defense, he was prescribed these medications after suffering numerous injuries and dealing with chronic pain – although his doctors did not exactly expect him to take such a liking to his medication.

Again, Tyler went through the routine of cancelling shows, behaving erratically, and playing the “rock star” role. Unfortunately, this time, after Tyler fell off stage in the middle of a song during a 2009 concert, band mates had had enough. They were done. Joe Perry even began auditioning singers who thought they could fill Tyler’s shoes.

After being confronted by band mates for the second time, Steven Tyler went back to rehab. This time, he chose the facility made famous by the series “Celebrity Rehab.” After 90 days of treatment, Tyler is doing great. He does, however, speculate that band mate Joe Perry may still be struggling with his demons.

What a Difference a Decade or Two Makes

Today, Steven Tyler has a lot on his plate. Fortunately for Steven Tyler drugs are out of the picture. Aerosmith is working on their first record in over 10 years and Tyler has secured himself the position as a judge in “American Idol.” Not that he needed help to revive his career, but “American Idol” is quite the comeback. The American public will soon be reminded of exactly why they love Steven Tyler and will get the opportunity to know the man behind the music better than ever before.

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