Monday, 21 February 2011

The Steven Tyler Daughters (and Son) -- Who are they?

The older Steven Tyler daughters names are Liv Tyler and Mia Tyler, but his youngest daughter and son took his real last name – Chelsea Tallarico and Taj Tallarico.

Steven Tyler is famous as Aerosmith’s legendary lead singer, and he comes from a long line of musical ancestors. His grandmother, grandfather, uncle, and his father were all involved in music or fame in their lifetime.

If fame were hereditary, Steve would surely carry a strong gene. Further proof lies in his first two girls -- one is an actress and the other a model. His young son just tried his hand acting. Indeed, if this family is any indication, fame is definitely hereditary!

Steven Tyler Daughters - Take One: Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is Steven Tyler’s oldest child, the result of a brief relationship with former Ford Model and Playboy Bunny Bebe Buell. She had a thing for rock stars and had several infamous relationships in her past. That is probably why she could get away with telling Liv that her father was Rodd Rundgren for eight years. Eventually, the truth came out, and Liv and Steven have a close relationship now.

For Steven Tyler, his girls are a reason to keep living the clean and sober life, and his son is the reason to keep fighting every day. Steven has credited his getting clean and sober to Liv and what a strong influence she was.

Liv grew up to be an actress, starring in huge hits like Armageddon and Lord of the Rings. Liv has also given Steven his only grandson so far. Milo was born in 2004 and has had Steven wrapped around his little finger ever since.

Steven Tyler Daughters - Take Two: Mia Tyler

Mia is Steven’s second oldest. He had her with his first wife, Cyrinda Foxe. Although her parents split up while she was still young, Mia is still pretty close to Steven. Close enough, in fact, that at his concert in Las Vegas, she and Fiancé Dave Buckner jumped onstage, and Steven told the crowd his daughter wanted to get married that night, and so she did, right there on stage. Steven, of course, gave her away.

Mia is a plus-sized model. She believes that girls will have a better self-esteem if they realize that beauty comes in all different packages. She is also starting to venture into acting.

Steven Tyler Daughters - Take 3: Chelsea Tallarico (and Son, Taj Tallarico)

Chelsea and Taj were born to Steven and his second wife, clothing designer Teresa Barrick. Steven and Teresa split up a few years ago because of rumored extra-marital affairs, but Steven stayed close to his kids who are both still pretty young and have yet to fully step out into the full public spotlight. They and their dad have both been guest stars on Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire.

Despite secrets, divorces and growing up famous, Steven Tyler’s daughters and his son are still very close to their dad – a trait conspicuously absent amongst today’s celebrities particularly those of Steven Tyler’s legendary ilk.

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