Monday, 21 February 2011

Novak Djokovic Memorabilia

Novak Djokovic, winner of the recent Australian Open, is the adored object of numerous sites that offer Novak Djokovic memorabilia. At a young 23, he is eye candy for many and is a winner of more than one major tournament.
The mecca of Novak Djokovic memorabilia, this site has many different kinds of items. Pick from a selection of shirts, sweatshirts, caps, cards, bumper stickers and a little white teddy bear, all with the Djokovic name on them in some form and/or the Serbian flag. Most items have "Team Djokovic" on them if something other than the "I Love Novak" message is desired.
Djokovic, nicknamed "Nole'," inspired a product line with "I Love Nole'" shirts and other articles of clothing for the female admirers. All shirts come in various styles, colors and sizes to meet everyone's preference. The same site has "Mrs. Djokovic" shirts so a girl can dream. Serbia Serbian tee shirts with the flag and his name are available there too, because he is proud of his country.
It is possible to wear the shirt and cap, drink from the Djokovic mug, hold the teddy bear and send the greeting cards while looking at the bumper sticker. Or, each item could be enjoyed one at a time or in smaller groups.
For the moneybags out there, this site has truly memorable Djokovic items. This site has shadow boxes with autographed tennis balls inside. It also has signed and framed 8x10 photos of Nole'. What more could anyone want in Novak Djokovic memorabilia?
An endorsed HEAD tennis bag is on this sight, and the brands of clothing that Nole' wears. His name is not on the clothing, but it is his choice of tennis garb. also has the tennis clothing and accessories, so if one place runs out of goods, another will help you get the item of your choice.
This site also has the shadowboxes and signed, framed photos, and the HEAD tennis bag. It also has the brands of tennis attire that Novak wears.
And now for the big guns. There are even more designs of tee shirts not on the other sites, one saying "got Djokovic?." Who could resist? There is a shirt that Novak wore in a match to bid on. There are signed tennis balls and photos, as well, and lots of different posters. A ticket stub from a 2011 match, signed by Djokovic is up for bidding. Various magazines with articles about him are on the block, and "Tennis" magazine has him on the front.

Now, go find the stuff! There are several sites to retrieve Novak Djokovic memorabilia. There is a vast and varied amount of goods to be had. If this isn't the most fun ever, the sky is not blue. Good luck and happy buying.

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