Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Mark Zuckerberg Story: From Classroom To Boardroom

The fresh-faced young man with a smattering of freckles resembles one of the kids on the sitcom “Happy Days”, but in reality, Mark Zuckerberg is a computer scientist, a software engineer and the youngest billionaire on earth.

Along with schoolmates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes, Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook, of which he is president and CEO.


Mark Zuckerberg came into this world in 1984 and was raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York. The elder Zuckerberg was a dentist. Mark and his three sisters grew up in a household that instilled confidence in them and encouraged their individuality. Mark was a computer prodigy who began authoring software in eighth grade.

Just seven years later, Mark Zuckerberg arrived in Palo Alto with almost no worldly possessions. He was unemployed, had no transportation, and was virtually homeless. Mark enrolled in college and soon launched a social-networking site from his dormitory. In just a few years, the network for college kids burgeoned into a Fortune 500 company worth several tens of billions of dollars making Mark the youngest billionaire on earth (actually second youngest behind Moskovitz).

Have you checked into Facebook lately to chat with a friend, relative or high school buddy from “way back”? Facebook is now over 550 million members strong and is burgeoning with every passing day. People all over the globe sign in to this social network each day, speaking almost 100 different languages to share information, messages, photos and much more. This number includes many who are not “computer savvy,” and seldom use a technology except when using Facebook.

TIME Magazine

Zuckerberg was chosen TIME Magazine’s person of the year for 2010. He is lauded for linking millions of people and charting their social interactions, for devising a new way to trade information, and for changing the fabric of our day-to-day existence. The Mark Zuckerberg Story will go down into the annals of history.

Mark Zuckerberg has many famous counterparts. American history is replete with rags-to-riches sagas, but none can compete with the Mark Zuckerberg story. Characterized as a prankster by college buddies he succeeded where many have failed. In just a few years, this young entrepreneur forged connections between millions of people and plugged them into a huge social web. What began as a prank, an amusing distraction segued into an interconnected highway of social relationships that has altered the way people all over the world communicate with each other.

The Legacy Of The Mark Zuckerberg Story

Mark Zuckerberg harnessed the power of the Internet and made the world a community. Just as the stories of Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie motivated and uplifted people in our grandparents’ day, the Mark Zuckerberg story will serve as an inspiration to many in the next generation.

Zuckerberg is a noted philanthropist, but perhaps his greatest gift and most profound legacy was an inadvertent one. Many families, in our scattered modern society, have been brought closer together; as close as their computer, through a social network called Facebook.

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