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Mark Zuckerberg Girlfriend Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg may have founded Facebook but his relationship with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan, is founded on Twizzlers. You know the fruity licorice? As Mark was leaving Harvard University to co-found Facebook, he asked Priscilla if she wanted a job. She said she’d love a job and offered him a Twizzler. And apparently, Twizzlers are the way to Mark’s heart.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was born in 1984 and has always loved computers. He started programming computers in sixth grade, and after high school he went on to Harvard. He started Facebook for the Harvard students, and it did not take long before it had spread to more than 30 other colleges and universities. He and some friends, including Priscilla Chan, left Harvard and moved to California to run the company. They all planned to go back one day. But the business took off and they stayed in California.

Priscilla Chan: The Real Mark Zuckerberg Girlfriend

Although not as much is known about Mark Zuckerberg girlfriend Priscilla Chan, we do know that she is a Boston Massachusetts native. We also know that Mark and Priscilla met at Harvard in 2004, right before Facebook was launched, and it was with her support that Mark and some of their other friends were able to get Facebook started. Other than that, she’s managed to keep a pretty low profile. The world did not even know Mark had a serious girlfriend until he made a public announcement not long ago, but since then she has been hounded by photographers, all of whom are trying to get photos of the world’s youngest billionaire’s girlfriend.
Mark Zuckerberg girlfriend Priscilla Chan has left behind her Facebook job and is now in her third year of medical school specializing in pediatrics.


Recently, Mark, Priscilla, and several family members have had to file a restraining order against a man by the name of Pradeep Manukonda. He has been stalking them, harassing them on Facebook, and begging for their money. He has sent Mark roses and handwritten letters, which beg for money to save his life and the lives of his family, and promising that in return he will die for Mark, and swears that he is a peaceful man and bears no intention whatsoever of harming any of the Zuckerberg family. Manukonda was apprehended by police trying to get to Mark’s front door, which was the final straw that broke Mark’s patience consequently deciding to file a restraining order. Manukonda has now been ordered to stay 300 feet away from the Zuckerberg family at all times.

Mark and Priscilla: Love beyond Facebook

Although their lives may, for the most part, revolve around Facebook, Mark and Priscilla are determined to keep a part of their lives separate from the social networking giant. They even signed a relationship contract (a statement of intent, more like) in which, among other clauses, stipulates that they have a minimum of one date a week and that they have at least 100 minutes of alone time away from his apartment. They were together before Facebook exploded into the giant that it has become and made Mark a billionaire, and that has given their relationship a very solid foundation to grow on.

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