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Andy Murray Memorabilia

Do you love tennis? Do you strive to be one of the world's next greatest tennis players? Do you live and breathe tennis or are you simply a die-hard sports fanatic? If this sounds like you, you may want to consider investing in some Andy Murray memorabilia.

Around the globe, Andy Murray has been gaining popularity over the last several years thanks to his imperious shot-making ability. He’s one of the greatest living tennis players of our time.

As a native of Scotland, Murray has been playing tennis since he was three years old and has spent most of his adult life concentrating on playing professional tennis at the very highest level -- the hard work obviously paying off handsomely.

Currently ranked fifth in the world, Murray has made it to three Grand Slam finals in the past three years but winning nothing – the hope is that his luck changes sometime soon. Some would argue that in the past 75 years, he’s the best tennis player to emerge from the Great British Isles.

Memorabilia You Can Expect

Most Andy Murray sports memorabilia comes in the form of signed photos of the tennis star or signed tennis balls. Obviously, what you can get your hands on will vary enormously depending on the depth of your pockets.

For $69, you could grab yourself some signed tennis balls on the collectibles website, On the popular sports memorabilia site,, other Andy Murray memorabilia such as signed photos of the star, can be as low as $30 or as high as $400 depending on the item and where it is from. A signed tennis ball used at the 2010 Australian Open Final, for example, will be quite expensive. However, the latter website is usually known for offering prices lower than the listed value.

Your best options for purchasing memorabilia will be to look online (where else?). Most sports memorabilia websites offer competitive pricing and quality products. Some of the better used sites include:

Scouring or may also yield good finds and great deals.

Andy Murray Memorabilia Spotlight: Photos

As with any sports memorabilia, the best Andy Murray collectible photos are of the glossy type  bearing his authentic signature featuring him in court action showcasing his flexibility, new found strength and incredible shot-making skills.

If you're paying a steep price for the photo you want, it's usually only a good deal if the photo frame is also included. Look for an already matted frame. The best matting is suede and a solid wood frame should nicely showcase the photo. Also, always be sure that your photo comes with a hologram and a certificate of authenticity.

Andy Murray Memorabilia Spotlight: Tennis Balls

Signed tennis balls should also come with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, most web-stores will offer the ball in a glass box or cube usually for an additional $15 or $30. The cases will, however, help keep your valued piece in pristine condition.

The prices will vary wildly depending on where the ball is from, such as a grand slam event, ATP Tour event or charity match or any well-known tournament. An autographed tennis ball from the Grand Slam finals will certainly be worth more than a standard practice ball.

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