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Steven Tyler: Before And After Plastic Surgery?

Well, Steven Tyler may once have sang that the ‘dude looks like a lady’ but more recently, he himself has been looking a bit like one. Like most celebs, Mr. Aerosmith has been rumored to have succumbed to the knife and we now wonder whether we have a Steven Tyler before and after plastic surgery.

Steven Tyler  has earned many monikers during his forty year reign as the ‘demon of screamin’ and frontman of one of rock history’s most successful bands. Despite rumors in 2009 that he had left Aerosmith, a new tour in 2010 confirmed that the band was still going strong. Whatever the rumors, Tyler is an integral part of the bedrock of rock history and nothing can shake that – a megalith of the rock industry with a personality to match – which is probably why he was fortunate enough to land the job of judge on American Idol, the world’s biggest, mightiest TV music talent show.

Steven Tyler Before Plastic Surgery

Now that he is splashed across national & international TV screens, newspapers and the wider Internet and his face is beamed into millions of homes, people are starting to ask questions. One look at those sunken eyes, protruding cheeks and bulbous lips and it’s little wonder that people are now speculating whether we have, on our hands, a classic ‘before and after’ story for Steve Tyler.

Let us, for a moment, turn back the clock and check out how the modern day Steve came to be.

Tyler’s rock career began in the early seventies when he and the other bandmates, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton met. The seventies were a heady time for the group. Their stars began to shoot up when they teamed up with New York agents, Steve Leber and David Krebs. Krebs was to later describe the band as the ‘closest thing to The Rolling Stones’ that he had ever seen.

During the seventies, the band had a number of chart-topping hits including ‘Toys In The Attic,’ ‘Sweet Emotion’ and ‘Walk This Way. They embarked on heart-stopping touring schedules that were matched by equally gruelling backstage antics. In 1978 Tyler appeared on The Beetles ‘St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ film – his acting debut. An experienced front man, Tyler lapped up the role and sailed through the performance.

The band was notorious for its drug use. Steven Tyler and Perry were often called the ‘toxic twins,’ a nickname they earned due to the amount of stimulants and heroin they consumed. It was not uncommon for Tyler to collapse during stage performances. The band members also changed regularly during this time. This was the time that Tyler cemented his trademark look of long shaggy hair, tight leather pants, lots of scarves and lots of lip. As with most glam rockers, he was not shy of wearing make-up, which did a lot to accentuate his natural feminine looks. This was the beginning of the public’s fascination with Tyler’s appearance and why now he is prompting the question, ‘are we looking at Steven Tyler before or after plastic surgery?’

1984 and Aerosmith’s ‘Back in the Saddle’ tour was a big time for the band. Tyler’s drug use had worsened after an accident. The band was at breaking point. Perry who had by now left the band and set up his own band, was called and asked to re-join. He did so but only by forcing Tyler to go to rehab. Tyler agreed. The other band members followed suit. They fired their managers and hired a new one. Things were looking up. But it was until 1986 and their performance of ‘Walk This Way’ remixed with Run DMC that the band made their real comeback.

The mix was a huge hit. Not only did it re-launch Aerosmith, it exposed the band to a new, younger audience and allowed rap to break into the mainstream music scene. Tyler’s performance on the ‘Walk This Way’ video was particularly iconic. His long haired look created a whole new generation of shaggy rockers with tight jeans and over-sized lips. At this point, Tyler’s plastic surgery rumor mill had been well and truly set in motion.

The nineties too were stellar for Aerosmith. They were kings of the charts and a firm favorite on MTV. In 1993, they released ‘Get a Grip’ which would be their most successful album to date and the most successful rock album at he time, selling fifteen million copies worldwide.

Likewise 2000 to 2010 was also a stellar decade for the band. As well as working on various albums, they toured consistently, only taking a break in 2008 when Tyler had an accident falling off stage and breaking his shoulder. That same year, Tyler entered rehab again, this time to help his recovery from his accident and to help him get off the pain killers he was addicted to. Whatever the successes of Tyler’s professional life, his personal life has always been a struggle, but this was and still remains to be part of his unique and wider appeal to so many of his fans.

Steven Tyler After Plastic Surgery?

If you are one of the folks asking whether he’s done it or not, the simple answer is: he has admitted that he is a fan of botox and it’s quite possible that during those stints in rehab or whilst he was away from the public eye, he might have helped himself to a little nip and tuck.

Still wondering? Well, we suggest you put those questions to bed. Stop wondering whether you’re looking at Steven Tyler before or after plastic surgery. Accept that most likely he did and then focus on the legend’s amazing musical genius. We salute you Steve!

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It's The Beatles, not The Beetles.

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Ya, and sergeant is abreviated Sgt. , not St.

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He despises being called "Steve." It's SteveN ;)

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