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The Nate Dogg Discography

Nate Dogg was born with music in his blood. From a young age, he turned to music as an escape when times got tough. Nate Dogg went from choir boy, to creating 213 with Snoop Dogg and Warren G, to finally making himself into a solo artist. Throughout his musical transformation, Nate Dogg left us with over 40 chart topping singles, many of which you probably still know the words to.

The Nate Dogg Discography: How It All Began

Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and Nate Dogg grew up together. Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg are actually cousins, which makes sense, since they both adopted Dogg as the last part of their stage name. In high school the Doggs teamed up with Warren G to create a rap group. They later changed the name of their group to 213 and began chasing their dreams.

What started as three boys recording their own demos from home, turned into something much bigger when Dr. Dre got a hold of one of their self-made demos. Dre liked Nate’s style so much that he featured him on his next record, The Chronic. His soulful style of singing, which was later called G-Funk, earned Nate a contract with Death Row Records.

In 1994, a year after Nate Dogg landed his record deal, he recorded “Regulate” with 213 member, Warren G. The song reached the number 2 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 and earned Nate Dogg quite the following.

The Nate Dogg Discography: Solo Albums

While Nate Dogg was signed by Death Row Records in 1993, he didn’t release his first album until 1998. G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1 & 2 contained two breakout singles, "Never Leave Me Alone" and "Nobody Does It Better", which both made it into the Hot 100. Many argue that this first album was actually Nate Dogg’s best, even though it only earned the 58th spot on the Billboard 200.

Two and a half years later, Nate Dogg released Music and Me, which made it to 32 on the Billboard 200. His last album, Nate Dogg, was released almost seven years later in 2008.

The Nate Dogg Discography: Solo and Featured Hits

During his career, Nate Dogg only released five solo singles. Three of these made the the Hot 100, while the other two fell short. Nate Dogg was actually more well known for his contributions to other artist’s singles than he was for his own.

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The Nate Dogg Biography

The death of Nate Dogg not only devastated those in the music industry, but millions of fans all over the world. How could a man that gave us 40 hit songs and earned himself four Grammy nominations die so young? Life is short. The death of Nate Dogg certainly serves as a reminder to cherish the time we have.

The Nate Dogg Biography: The Man Behind the Music

Nathaniel Dwayne Hale was born on August 19, 1969 in Long Beach, California. Nathaniel was the son of a pastor, raised in a religious and conservative environment. His first singing gig was actually in the Life Line Baptist Church choir, which is quite a stretch from the music he made later in life.

Nate Dogg didn’t exactly have the easiest life. At 16, he dropped out of high school, got booted out of the house by his conservative parents, and joined the Marine Corps. His church-going, choir-singing days were over. The rebellious years had begun.

Yet, Nate Dogg pulled through the hard times and ended up making quite the name for himself in the music industry. If nothing else, the Nate Dogg biography proves that hard work and talent can get you farther than you’ve ever imagined--no matter what humble beginnings you start from.

The Transformation from Nathaniel Hale to Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg had been perfecting his craft since he was a kid. In high school, he dabbled in music with his cousin and friend, who just happened to be Snoop Dogg and Warren G. After the Marine Corps, Nate returned to Long Beach and started right back up with his two buddies. They formed a group called Three The Hard Way, which they later renamed 213, after the zip code of their beloved home.

213 had big dreams. At the time, Warren G’s stepbrother, Dr. Dre, co-owned a record label called Death Row Records. The guys constantly asked Dre to give them a shot, which eventually paid off. In 1993, Nate Dogg recorded with Dr. Dre and appeared on his mega-successful album, The Chronic. The same year, Nate Dogg got signed onto the record label.

1994 was a big year for Nate Dogg. He collaborated with his old friend Warren G on the smash hit “Regulate.” The song earned them the #2 spot on the Billboard charts, as well as his first Grammy nomination.

Throughout Nate Dogg’s career, he released four albums, collaborated with numerous hiphop megastars, and was featured in 40 hit songs. He came a long way from the high school dropout that he was years before. Nate Dogg had made himself into a star.

The Final Chapter of the Nate Dogg Biography

On December 19, 2007, at the age of 37, Nate Dogg suffered a stroke. The left side of his body was left paralyzed, but he was expected to make a full recovery. Then, in September 2008, he had another stroke. Friends reported that Nate Dogg was receiving therapy and working to recover from the affects of the two strokes.

Unfortunately, Nate Dogg did not make the full recovery that everyone was hoping for. On March 15, 2011, Nate died from congestive heart failure. The singer was only 41 years old. The music world was left shocked, while fans and friends were left saddened. While Nate Dogg may no longer be with us, his contributions to the music industry will be remembered forever.

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The Randy Jackson Claim to Fame

To most American population the Randy Jackson claim to fame starts (and possibly ends) with American Idol.

Randy began his role on American Idol way back in 2002 and he has been a permanent fixture on the show ever since.

In fact this year marks the departure of Simon Cowell as he marches off to head up the American version of the X Factor, the show he made hugely popular and used to launch dozens of pop careers in the UK.

So Randy will be the only remaining original judge on this year’s panel of American Idol judges which includes Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Randy’s popularity on American Idol was instant and as such, the show instantly cemented his pop credentials and music mogul claim to fame.

Of the original judges, who included Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, Randy stood out as the caring fatherly type.

While Simon berated the contestants for being substandard and Paula lent her own brand of feminine mystique, Randy remained the steady hand.

He quietly encouraged his candidates and gave those who had no hope at all, gentle guidance encouraging them to follow a different path.

It is this fatherly influence and caring stance that ensured Randy won the hearts and minds of the American viewing public.

But the Randy Jackson claim to fame runs far deeper into the music industry. He is regarded by those in the know as nothing less than a music industry expert.

He began playing bass at the tender age of 13 and got his first real break playing for a band called Journey. That led to gigs with some of the hottest names in the music industry including Aretha Franklin, George Michael, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.

Jackson spent eight years as A&R at Columbia Records and followed that up with four years at MCA Records. Since American Idol cemented the Randy Jackson claim to fame he has expanded into television production.

He set up Dream Merchant 21 Entertainment and created the show Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew. The show is about to enter its sixty season and is much loved across the nation.

Jackson does not restrict his activities to the music and TV industries. He has also written two books. The first is called ‘What’s up Dawg? How to Become a Superstar in the Music Business.’ The second is called ‘Body with Soul: Steady your Sugar, Cut your Cholesterol and Get a Jump on Your Best Health.’ As a diabetes sufferer, this is a topic close to Randy’s heart.

Randy is also heavily involved in a number of charities. And these are just some of the activities that keep the Randy Jackson claim to fame riding high.

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The Jennifer Lopez Biography: Who is she?

The Jennifer Lopez biography is a jam-packed extravaganza into the life of one of America’s hottest stars and most beautiful women. From box office hits, to music awards; from scandalous boyfriends to marriage and motherhood, there is little of life in the fast lane that this hot Latin chica has not experienced.

We know her as Jennifer, J-Lo and Jenny from the Block, but despite her many guises, one thing is sure, here is woman who knew what she wanted out of life from the get-go and stopped at nothing to get it. That kind of blind ambition might make Jennifer Lopez comparable to Madonna but the two are very different beings.

Although the two are without question talented, savvy and visionary businesswoman and artists, Madonna has always aimed to shake the status quo while Lopez is happy to draw on her roots and Latin traditions for inspiration.

Assuming the moniker J-Lo, recording albums and making films in her native Spanish has cemented her appeal amongst Spanish speaking nations as well as bestowing upon her a stronger feminine appeal.

So where does the Jennifer Lopez Biography begin?

 Lopez grew up in the Bronx, New York, the daughter of Puerto Rican parents. She was raised Roman Catholic and received her education at Roman Catholic schools.

By the age of 19, a young Jennifer had already caught the showbiz buzz and she began to finance her own singing and dancing lessons. In the early eighties, Jennifer was a busy girl dividing her time between working as a notary public in a legal office whilst dancing in New York clubs at night.

In 1987, she scored a bit part in a film called ‘My Little Girl.’ That led to a gig on Yo! MTV Raps where she was a backing dancer for New Kids On The Block.

From there she made it on to ‘In Living Colour’ where she danced as a Fly Girl for two years. By the age of 23, Jennifer’s foray into the pop world was right on track when she landed the job of back up dancer with Janet Jackson. From that point on her career went stellar. Many studio albums followed, the first of which was On The 6, a nod to her days spent taking the 6 subway across New York. This album feature ‘If You Had My Love,’ which was Lopez’s first huge hit.

Other albums include J-Lo, Rebirth and more recently, Love? While all this music making is going on, Jennifer has also been busy making movies. Her movie career may not be as critically recognised due to her focus on rom-com flicks, but no one doubts that she is a fine actress.

She is the highest paid Latin actress in Hollywood and her most recent movies Maid In Manhattan and Shall We Dance? scored high at box offices around the world.

Jennifer Lopez's biography would not be complete without the mention of her 2007 marriage to Marc Anthony and the subsequent birth of her twins, Emme and Max. At 41, Jennifer has a stellar career and a happy family. But there’s little doubt, the Jennifer Lopez biography is far from over.

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The Jennifer Lopez Filmography: Ever Wondered How Manys Movies J-Lo Has Done?

Since her debut in the world of showbiz way back in the early nineties, Jennifer Lopez has racked up a lot of screen time, both in movie theatres and in sitting rooms across the world.

The Jennifer Lopez filmography began in 1990 when she scored a dance slot on Yo! MTV Raps as a back up dancer for New Kids On The Block. Three years later, she landed a job as back up dancer for Janet Jackson.

Although there is no question that Janet is a pop world mega-star, since those early days, Jennifer Lopez has managed to achieve a fame and longevity that surpasses Michael’s little sister.

She did star in a number of small television roles before hitting the big screen for real in 1997 with Selena. Her many TV parts included roles in South Central, Second Chances and Hotel Malibu.

She won roles in two films that would prove to be key steps in her early acting life. She starred alongside Jimmy Smits in the 1995 drama, My Family and the action film, Money Train, with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.

Then Selena came along, a role which stretched her as an actress, marked a serious turning point in the Jennifer Lopez filmography and won her a Golden Globe nomination.

A series of starring roles followed. She starred alongside Jon Voight in Anaconda and Sean Penn in U Turn. In 1998, she became the first Latin actress to earn more than $1 million when she played the leading lady opposite George Clooney in Out Of Sight.

This role further cemented her reputation as a serious Hollywood leading lady and a box office earner. A psychological thriller called The Cell followed and then in 2001 she starred next to Matthew McConaughey in The Wedding Planner.

The Wedding Planner was the first of a series of rom-coms in the Jennifer Lopez filmography and she quickly earned herself a name as a talented comic actress.

Both The Wedding Planner and her third studio album debuted at Number 1 that year, 2001, making Jennifer the first woman to ever achieve such a feat.

In 2003, Main In Manhattan, in which Lopez plays a struggling single mom, was to become one of her top earning films, pulling in more than $94 million at the box office.

In Maid In Manhattan she stars alongside Ralph Fiennes and although this wasn’t a role that was critically lauded, many people did comment on her ability to play downtrodden characters despite the obvious opulence of her real life.

It is this down-to-earth quality that keeps Jennifer in touch with her fans and ensures her on-going popularity. For the future she is returning to the television screen and sitting rooms as a judge on American Idol.

In 2011 she will also guest star on the popular TV show, How I Met Your Mother. TV or big screen, the Jennifer Lopez filmography is far from over.

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The Randy Jackson Biography

The Randy Jackson biography is the story of one of America’s music industry titans. From the tender age of thirteen, Randy discovered music and the bass guitar and from that point on, he carved himself a name as a tireless and talented musician.

A quick scan through the Randy Jackson biography throws up some of the biggest names in music industry history from Madonna to George Michael to Jon Bon Jovi and Paula Abdul.

Without question one of the highlights of the Randy Jackson biography has been his ten year stint on the most popular American TV show of the decade, American Idol.

Although American Idol may have made Randy a household name, his music industry career began way before then. Back in the early eighties Randy played in bands with Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia and Jean-Luc Ponty.

In 1985 he worked with Keith Richards on a track for the Whoopi Goldberg movie, Jumpin Jack Flash. The song appeared on Aretha Franklin’s fourth album.

At the same time, Randy was a session musician with a band called Journey. Later that decade he moved to Italy and worked with a band called Zucchero and they recorded one album together called Zucchero and the Randy Jackson band.

From that point on Jackson landed gigs playing bass guitar as a session musician for a number of high profile acts. For example he recorded tracks for the 1991 self-titled album Divinyls which included the chart topper ‘I touch myself.’

He also recorded several tracks with Tracy Chapman on her 1992 album titled Matters of the Heart. That same year he also performed with Bruce Springsteen.

With his music credibility firmly established by the early nineties, from that point he went on to work with the big names in the music business. He began recording, touring and producing with top name artists like Mariah Carey, NSYNC, Whitney Houston and Madonna.

Although it was around this time that Randy began to establish his reputation as a talented producer, his track record as a session musician is enviable by any standard.

He has played with Michael Bolton, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, Ernie Isley, Roger Waters, Stevie Nicks, Richard Marx, Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen to name a few.

In 2008 Randy released his own album, which was called Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol. 1. The album spawned the single ‘Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow’ which was performed by Paula Abdul.
Around the same time he began work on producing an album for American Idol finalist Kimberley Locke, producing her fourth studio album.

But it is American Idol that continues to bring Randy to millions of American homes every week and this year should be as exciting as any as he shares the stage with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. The Randy Jackson biography is far from over.

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The Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Rumors: Comparing The Before And The After

If anyone is in any doubt as to whether or not Jennifer Lopez has had plastic surgery, one need only look at her face. That kind of flawless perfection is not something that comes naturally.

Quite the opposite. That takes a skilled surgeon and lots of money. They are things that J-Lo has access to in spades, which is why the Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors are something that the public takes on the chin.

Yes, it’s rolls off our backs. I mean do any of us really question those Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors? No. We just accept them as gospel.

Take any photo of Jen from the past and compare it to one of her now and the image speaks for itself.

I looked at one site which showed J-Lo in 2003 and another for 2009. In the 2003 photo her cheeks look plumb, her eyes looking alive and her mouth is sculpted.

Fast forward to the 2009 photo and everything is taut. Her cheeks disappear, her eyes pop and her mouth curls. I suppose this is the point of surgery. It exaggerates everything, but let’s face it, somethings don’t need exaggeration.

Jennifer is without question one of the most beautiful women in the world but that doesn’t stop her from succumbing to the lure of plastic surgery.

As the vast majority of us are not involved in the Hollywood machine and the quest to be utterly beautiful, it is difficult, if not impossible for us to imagine the pressure that must exist her life to maintain ludicrous standards of beauty.

In fairness to poor old J-Lo she does set these standards herself by agreeing to surgery in the first place. No one holds her down. Which is specifically why when we hear the Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors we don’t bat an eyelid.

Of course this woman has had surgery. There is no one in Hollywood that has not experienced Botox. What is most spectacular now is not women who have surgery but those who don’t.

The irony is that it was always Jennifer’s girl-next-door beauty that made her so appealing. She has balls. She is a survivor. She is from the street. She is real.

Well, not anymore. Her face is carved within an inch of its life. Yes, she’s only 42 and yes, she is an exceptional beauty, but she is in the public eye and she must compete.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Rumors / The Conclusion

I think it is sad that our female role models feel the most pressure from their female admirers but let’s be under no illusions here – women are tough task masters. We demand the best.

No one understands this better than Jennifer which is why there is no question that the latest Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors are most likely not rumors at all.

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Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony

To all the world, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony look like the perfect happy couple. He seemed to appear out of nowhere and save Jennifer from a string of high profile but ultimately doomed relationships.

In fact, Mr. Anthony had been in Jennifer’s life for many years before they married. In the interim, Jennifer was earmarked as somewhat of a quiet wild child with a cleverly disguised wayward streak.

Why? Well, it was due mostly to her boyfriends at the time. Oh, and her risqué award style. Who can forget that gorgeous green dress with the neckline that plunged to her toned belly button.

That dress ensured that the world would be slow to forget an ambitious young woman named Jennifer Lopez who was riding high as one of the world’s super stars.

At that time she was arm in arm with P. Diddy a.k.a. Sean Combs but his penchant for nightclub skirmishes and guns meant that J-Lo eventually had to give him the old heave-ho.

But Mr. Combs is but one of many high profile relationships that Jennifer has had. Going all the way back to 1997, she first married Ojani Noa. But the marriage was ill-fated and they split up a mere nine months later. Noa was not prepared to let sleeping dogs lie.

Instead he has pursued a lifelong revenge scheme against Lopez. She wrote a book and tried to get that published but Jennifer won an injunction against him. He later made a film, a compilation of home video shorts but again Jennifer had that stopped.

There is no question that Marc Anthony is strongly behind Jennifer’s aggressive stance on her privacy regarding this case. The couple are notoriously private and one imagines that is part of the secret that makes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony so strong.

After Noa, Jennifer hooked up with rapper P. Diddy and despite the gun-totting incident she did stay with him for over a year but she eventually called it quits. In 2001 she married a second time to dancer, Chris Judd but the marriage lasted only a year.

She left Judd and soon after hooked up with Ben Affleck. Their union caused such a furore in the media that the couple was dubbed Bennifer. They looked sure to hit the aisle until his various indiscretions involving Vegas hookers put a stop to the nuptials. The wedding was called off hours before the ceremony.

But none of this mayhem was enough to dampen Jennifer’s spirits or put a stop to the evolution of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Months after Jen’s split from Ben, Anthony's marriage of eight years ended and he split from his wife Dayanara Torres. By June 2004, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married.

In 2008, the couple welcomed their twin babies Emme and Max into the world. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony appear to be one of the strongest showbiz couples and they keep much of their private life private.

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The Passing of Nate Dogg -- What Was the Real Reason Behind His Death?

Most people almost think of their favorite celebrities as superheros. As we listen to our favorite stars on the radio or watch them on TV, they seem invincible. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these musicians and actors are only human -- just like us. So when a celebrity dies, it’s shocking. It’s especially shocking when one is taken at such a young age.

On March 15, 2011, Nate Dogg was pronounced dead. The genius behind G-Funk Classics Vol. 1 & 2 and the man that helped give us “Regulate” passed away at only 41 years old. The world was taken by surprise. How did the master of G-Funk die at such a young age?

;What Was Nate Dogg Cause of Death?

Many people wonder about Nate Dogg cause of death, but the truth is that he had been struggling with health problems for years. However, Nate Dogg’s story isn’t the average celebrity sob story. He didn’t overdose on drugs or die in some other tragic, but preventable way. His health collapsed, and unfortunately, there was nothing that anyone could do to help.

In mid-December of 2007, Nate Dogg suffered his first stroke. He was only 37 years old and was still on top of his career. After the stroke, he was sent to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center where he underwent rehabilitation to improve his condition.

Over a year later, in January of 2008, Nate Dogg’s people let the public know about his condition. The stroke had left Nate paralyzed in left side of his body. But all was not lost. With the proper treatment, doctors were expecting Nate to fully recover from the stroke. Friends and associates were hoping that, one day, he would even return to the music world.

Then, in September of 2008, Nate Dogg suffered his second stroke. Nate was left partially paralyzed and had suffered some memory loss. People began to wonder if he would ever make music again.

Fortunately, things started looking up. Nate started making progress and his health was greatly improving. His manager, Rod McGrew, had even said that Nate was about 95% recovered from the two strokes. Friends, family, and fans were certainly not expecting him to die as suddenly as he did.

The Final Cause of Death

Nate Dogg died on March 15, 2011. The final Nate Dogg cause of death was congestive heart failure. Nate fought for four years to get better, but in the end, the strokes had been too much for his body and he died due to complications.

The world will miss Nate Dogg. During his career, he helped create a whole new genre of music. Without Nate Dogg’s contribution to music, the world would have never have gotten to experience G-Funk or the many hits that fans still sing along to on the radio today.

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Ghadaffi's Female Bodyguards -- Who are they?

Muammar Gadaffi, who is also commonly known as Colonel Gadaffi, is one of the most interesting men in the world. He is the current leader of Libya, a position he gained in 1969. Of course, his position alone makes him interesting. But what really sets him apart is his ridiculous and eccentric tendencies.

Lately, Gadaffi has been receiving even more attention than usual. This is mainly because of the uprising that broke out last month in Libya. It appears as though Gadaffi is losing his grasp on the country. Protesters are making large gains in overthrowing Gadaffi's government.

During such a tumultuous and dangerous time, it makes sense that Muammar Gadaffi would feel the need for protection. Almost anyone would want a team of bodyguards to ensure their safety from the crazed protesters. What’s weird is that Gadaffi has chosen a team of over 200 female bodyguards.

Yes, the Libyan leader has chosen to defend his life with his very own female army. And an attractive female army at that. And they are all virgins. After hearing such a thing, most people simply don’t know what to think. Muammar Gadaffi either has to be the smartest or craziest man in the world.

Who Are Ghadaffi's Female Bodyguards?

Well, as stated before, they are all supposedly virgins. Gadaffi himself has made that claim. Although it would be completely impossible to verify that statement. However, if that’s true, his interview process has to be one of the most entertaining events in all of Libya. One can only imagine what the application for that position even looks like.

Jokes aside, Ghadaffi's female bodyguards are undoubtedly qualified  -- most females would agree that the ‘damsel in distress’ stereotype has long been outdated. This team of bodyguards is highly trained in martial arms and firearms. These women are not just around to make him look good. They carry heavy artillery and are trained to use it.

Seeing Gadaffi's female bodyguards accompany the leader is quite a sight. They are not just your run-of-the-mill bodyguards. Most are attractive and many are beautiful. It’s also very apparent that they take their job seriously. They usually do their hair, makeup, and nails before showing up for work. Sometimes they even wear heels. While this sounds like something out of an action movie, it is actually the truth.

Perhaps Gadaffi believes that protesters will underestimate his bodyguards or will be weary of attacking women. Or perhaps he just likes to surround himself with attractive females. Considering that he also has four regular nurses, and one that is his constant travel companion, it is likely to be the latter.

Will Ghadaffi's Female Bodyguards Defend Him with Their Lives?

Because Gadaffi's bodyguards are all women, many question how loyal and effective they really are. People wonder whether his team is similar to the secret service, whether they would be willing to give up their lives in the line of duty.

The answer is yes, Gadaffi's female bodyguards are willing to die for him. Before being chosen for the position, each woman must swear that she is willing to die in order to defend the leader. They are also told never to leave Gadaffi's side. They must accompany him both day and night.

He also demands that they remain virgins throughout their service, which most would agree is extremely strange. However, since Gadaffi's bodyguards must stick to him like glue, it is probably very easy to make sure they keep their promises.

This position is also highly sought after. Gadaffi's bodyguards have always gotten a lot of attention. There was even a documentary created about the team, by an NYU grad student named Rania Ajami. In Libya, where many females wear a burqa, or at least cover their face, these army fatigue wearing bodyguards are seen as strong, respectable women by the public.

Anyone that questions the loyalty of Gadaffi's bodyguards’ may want to consider past events. In 1998, Islamic fundamentalists attacked Gadaffi's vehicles while traveling in Libya. Seven bodyguards were injured and one was killed. The murdered bodyguard, whose name was Aisha, used her body to shield Gadaffi from the flying bullets. These actions speak volumes about the loyalty of these women.

Muammar Gadaffi is a strange, eccentric man. He is obviously demanding and certainly enjoys having women around. However, the women he chooses to surround himself with are very loyal to him. Even if Muammar Gadaffi’s odd preferences gain him the attention of the media, these women have, so far, saved his life.

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Ghadaffi's Female Nurse: Who Is this Mystery Woman?

Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of Lybia, is quite the character. While those close to him may have known this for years, the rest of the world is also aware, thanks to Wikileaks.

Some very interesting things have recently been released about the Lybian leader. Among the most interesting is the fact that Gaddafi is terrified of flying over water. He also prefers to stay on the ground floor of buildings, especially when in hotels, which causes numerous headaches for those preparing his travel arrangements. He cannot walk up more than 35 steps at a time. And another very interesting quirk is that Gaddafi refuses to go anywhere without his nurse.

This wouldn’t be odd, except when considering that the man has no health problem that requires a nurse’s constant aid. Actually, that may not be entirely true. He did lose some control over his facial muscles a couple of years back, which many believed to be because of his excessive Botox use.

He also has an oddly shaped, sparse hairline, which was caused by a poorly done hair implant procedure. His team tried to cover that one up by saying that he had a “rare auto-immune reaction” to the hair plugs that required them to be removed. This is a questionable excuse coming from a man that many call a hypochondriac. Considering that Gaddafi is so paranoid about his health that he actually tapes his doctors visits so he can review them later, stories of weird medical conditions seem to be just that--stories.

Who Is this Mystery Woman?

Surely undergoing a few bad cosmetic procedures doesn’t require a full-time nurse. That is, unless your nurse is Galyna Kolotnytska. Ghadaffi's female nurse is an attractive, blond, curvaceous woman that most men would probably love to travel with. Gene Cretz, the United States ambassador to Libya, described her as Ghadaffi's "voluptuous blond.”

Galyna Kolotnytska is a 38 year old Ukrainian nurse that moved in Lybia in 2001. For years, she has been working for Ghadaffi as one of his four regular nurses. However, out of the four, Kolotnytska is the one he truly relies on. Before she was forced to evacuate Lybia, Ghadaffi refused to travel without her. He has said that she was the one one who really “knew his schedule.” But she was not only his nurse and employee, she was also one of his closest confidants.

Unfortunately, due to the current uprising in Lybia, Galyna Kolotnytska has been forced to evacuate the country. She is currently back in Ukraine, but has every intention of returning in “one and a half to two months”, when Ghadaffi is “victorious.”

What Exactly Is the Relationship Between Ghadaffi's Female Nurse and the Lybian Leader?

Well, for starters she calls Ghadaffi “Papa.” It’s pretty safe to say that most nurses don’t refer to their patients in such a manner. Also, if a male boss were to request that a female employee call him “Papa”, they would probably sued for sexual harassment.

All signs point to some sort of romantic involvement between Ghadaffi and his voluptuous nurse. However, Kolotnytska’s daughter, Tatyana Kolotnytska, disagrees. She says that their relationship is completely professional.

A romantic relationship with Kolotnytska could also be a problem, since Ghadaffi is married. Although Ghadaffi’s current wife was also once one of his Ukrainian nurses, it appears that the relationship with Kolotnytska may really only be professional. Of course, it’s more interesting to think otherwise.

Does Ghadaffi's Female Nurse Deserve More Credit than the Media Has Been Giving Her?

Kolotnytska has been quoted as saying, “Papa is good and Papa is eternal," which is a little strange. However, this could just be her way of showing respect for the man that has been her longtime boss and friend. She has also said that her position with Ghadaffi has made her life better. He has financially supported her, brought her around the world, and leads the country that she called home. She continues to show her respect by refusing to speak with reporters about their relationship. Apparently, Ghadaffi was smart to confide in and trust Kolotnytska.

Ghadaffi is an interesting man. He is obviously vain, travels with an attractive entourage, is known to be eccentric, and currently leads a country. And he does all of this while wearing national African garments. It’s no wonder the public is so interested in him. Whether Ghadaffi's female nurse is really romantically involved with him is still unknown. However, you can be sure that he anxiously awaits the moment it will be safe for Kolotnytska to return to Lybia and assume her position as his hea nurse.

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The Amanda Knox Appeal - Is the Second Time the Charm?

The murder of Meredith Kercher has been publicized around the world. The Italian and British media have been closely following the story since 2007, keeping the public anxiously awaiting for justice to be served.

The American media is now jumping on board and letting the American people know what is happening to one of their own, halfway across the world. Is Amanda Knox guilty of murder? Did she put a knife to her flatmates throat and end her life? Or is a serious injustice being done to an American citizen, a young woman who simply wanted to expand her horizons and spend a year studying in Italy? Here we examine the Amanda Knox Appeal..

The Timeline..

There was a great deal of evidence that led to Knox’s conviction on December 4, 2009. The main things that convinced the jury that she was guilty were the bloody footprints found under Kercher’s body, Knox’s dishonest and changing stories, and her DNA found on the murder weapon and around the flat. However, Knox maintains her innocence. Her lawyers began the appeals process in April of 2010. She was then granted a trial de novo, which began December 11.

A week later, the court agreed to review the DNA evidence that was used to convict Knox. As of February 9th, forensic experts were given 90 days to review important evidence. They must be finished their research by May 9th, and their conclusion must be presented to the court by the 21st.

The new DNA findings will be presented in front of a new jury, and just as importantly, in front of a new judge. The judge assigned to the trial is known both for his fairness and his open-mindedness, which Knox and her team find encouraging. Whether this will make a difference in Knox’s conviction is yet to be seen.

Does Amanda Have a Case?

The most important evidence against Amanda Knox was her changing story, her bloody footprint, and the DNA found on what is said to be the murder weapon. However, there are problems with all of this evidence.

Knox first accused a local bar owner, named Patrick Lumumba, of killing Meredith. Lumumba was later exonerated and Knox was made out to look like a malicious liar. Yes, accusing an innocent man of murder is malicious. However, in the same position, its likely that many terrified young women would also lie to save themselves.

The way the police questioned Knox may have also caused her to so frequently change stories. Knox claimed that she had been mistreated by police, questioned for almost 53 consecutive hours, and was hit when she couldn’t remember the answer to a question. The police deny this and have also charged her with slander. Yet, it is impossible to know exactly went on during questioning.

Another important thing to consider is that the DNA evidence used in the trial may have been contaminated. There was a delay of 49 days from when police arrived on the murder scene to when DNA samples were collected. Prosecutors argue that if DNA evidence had been disturbed during this period it would have worked out in Knox’s favor, but no one can be sure until the evidence is reexamined.

Even the bloody footprint, found under Meredith Kercher’s body, is up for debate. The footprint was automatically linked to Knox, but was never verified to be hers. The footprint did belong to a woman, but could have been anyone’s, since investigators were unable to match it to any of Knox’s shoes. This leaves many people questioning the validity of much of the evidence.

Possible Outcomes of the Amanda Knox Appeal

Statistically speaking, in the Italian court system, around half of all appealed convictions result in a different sentence. Many defendants are given entirely different convictions, while others receive reduced sentences.

Rudy Guede, who was also convicted of the murder and sexual assault of Meredith Kercher, was able to appeal and reduce his sentence. His first trial resulted in a 30-year sentence, but after he appealed the conviction, he was given a much lesser sentence of 16 years.

If Amanda Knox’s appeal goes similarly, she may be looking at a sentence of around 13 years for her part in the crime. Unfortunately, if she is again found guilty, she may be looking at an even harsher punishment. Prosecutors are pushing the judge to lengthen her sentence to a life term.

Amanda Knox has been quoted as saying, “I want justice for Meredith, but this injustice to me is unacceptable. I am also asking for justice.” Knox’s family, friends, and others who believe in her innocence are positive that the trial de novo will bring her the justice she deserves. For the rest of the world, we will just have to wait and see what the Amanda Knox appeal will bring.

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The Amanda Knox Biography

Amanda Knox's trial, for the murder of Meredith Kercher, has certainly caught the attention of the media. The public has become extremely captivated by the young, innocent looking girl that has been accused of such a gruesome crime.

Amanda Knox looks like your average girl next door. She appears as if she should be a schoolteacher or nanny, not a coldblooded killer. Her attractive appearance, as well as the severity of her crimes, has worked the media into a tizzy. People have gone so far as to call Amanda a "Luciferina" with an angelic face.

The Amanda Knox Biography: The Woman Behind the Trial

So who is Amanda Knox? Much of the public is dying to know the Amanda Knox biography.

Amanda Knox was born on July 9, 1987 in Seattle, Washington. From a young age, Knox excelled in academics, showed interest in music, and was hungry for knowledge. Her parents sent her to the private Seattle Preparatory School, where she was recognized as student of the year when she was only 13. She spent her time serving her community through volunteer work, involving herself in school activities, and was said by the school to have shown "total integrity" through her accomplishments.

Throughout high school, Knox studied Latin, German, Italian, and Japanese. She also played sports and participated in musicals sponsored by her school. Instead of attending parties like many high school students, Knox preferred to spend her time in coffee shops, reading and catching up on her studies. This description is a far cry from the girl prosecutors portrayed during her trial.

The Amanda Knox Biography: A Turn of Events

Amanda Knox went on to study at the University of Washington. In 2007, she decided to take her studies abroad and attend the University for Foreigners in Perugia, Italy. While studying creative writing, German, and Italian, she moved in with Meredith Kercher, who was also an exchange student at the time. She then met a man by the name of Raffaele Sollecito and became romantically involved.

And then things took a turn for the worst. On November 1, 2007, Meredith Kercher was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in the flat she shared with Knox. Amanda Knox, as well as her boyfriend, and friend, Rudy Guede, were charged and convicted of the crime. The trial created a media frenzy that made Knox notorious throughout the United Kingdom and Italy, and is now making her a household name in the US.

Throughout the trial, Knox has maintained her innocence. Knox claims that she had no part in the murder. She says she and Meredith were flatmates, friends, and confidants. According to Knox, she had no reason to kill Meredith and was devastated by her death. Knox was even quoted as saying that if she and Meredith ever disagreed upon something, they would let one another know and then work it out amicably. They never had an argument that they “couldn't find agreement on.”

This does not sound like a woman who would kill her flatmate or one that was seeking revenge for any reason. However, prosecutors believe otherwise.

Who Prosecutors Want People to Believe Is the Real Amanda Knox

Prosecutors painted a very different picture of Amanda Knox. They do agree that she was a successful student, but believe that she went wild once she went to college. They described her as promiscuous and said that she often seduced fellow classmates and peers.

Prosecutors also believed that Meredith Kercher had a problem with Knox’s promiscuity. They told the jury that Knox had left condoms and adult toys by the bathroom that she and Meredith shared. Meredith disapproved of such behavior and looked down on Knox’s regular use of marijuana. The girls were said to butt heads over these matters, causing Knox to resent Meredith and seek revenge, using two men that she had seduced into carrying out her will.

What Friends and Family Have to Say

So many negative things have been said about Amanda Knox’s character. The media released stories of Knox doing cartwheels and acting excited before being questioned by police. Another story had the public thinking that Knox had been overheard having sexual conversations and shopping for lingerie with Sollecito during the beginning of the investigation. However, there are little truth to these stories. Knox has been made out to be a promiscuous, selfish, erratic woman, but family and friends tell a very different story.

Knox’s close friends and family describe her as a loving individual with a generous nature. They find it impossible that she could be capable of murder, much less murder a flatmate over such trivial matters. Her mother claims that Amanda frequently talked about Meredith and that the two were friends. They had no idea anything out of the ordinary was going on in Italy.

Ex boyfriend, David Johnsrud, called Knox “one of the most warm-hearted individuals” he’d known. No one from Amanda Knox’s past can believe that she is a killer. Her parents have even mortgaged their home to pay Knox’s legal team and prove her innocence. While the Amanda Knox Biography is not yet complete, family and friends hope that the story will have a happy ending.

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The Amanda Knox DNA Evidence: The Real Story

Forensics has come a long way in past years. Fifty years ago, murderers could easily get away with eliminating someone they didn’t get along with. A little blood was nothing a good wipe down and gloves couldn’t fix. Nowadays, DNA evidence usually puts the bad guys behind bars, and helps the good guys go free.

But is this always the case? During Meredith Kercher’s murder trial, it’s possible that the DNA evidence found on the scene helped put the wrong woman behind bars. Amanda Knox is now sitting in an Italian jail cell, hoping that this time, DNA and forensics will be the thing to save her.

What Evidence Was Found?

On the first night of November, in 2007, Meredith Kercher was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death in her apartment around 11 pm. At the time, Meredith was a foreign exchange student from London, studying in Perugia, Italy. She had moved in with Amanda Knox, who was also a foreign exchange student from Seattle, Washington.

Amanda Knox came home the next afternoon to find that her flat had been burglarized and Meredith was missing. Knox and boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, called police and waited outside for help to arrive.

Once on the scene, police noticed blood in several rooms throughout the apartment and quickly found Kercher’s mangled body, hidden by a duvet, inside her room. Meredith had been sexually assaulted, stabbed, and left to die in a pool of her own blood. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were the prime suspects in the case.

As the investigation wore on, DNA evidence made it clear to police the Knox and Sollecito, as well as friend, Ruby Guede, were responsible for the brutal crime. Sollecito’s DNA was found on Kercher’s bra, which was ripped from her body. Guede’s DNA was found inside of Meredith, as well as on her bra and purse.

But the majority of the evidence pointed to Knox as the killer. Her DNA was found mixed with Kercher’s blood around the apartment, and most importantly, on what investigators believed to be the murder weapon.

Did Evidence Point Police in the Right Direction?

While this all sounds very black and white, this is actually where it gets tricky. Many believe that the DNA evidence used to convict these three students was actually contaminated. Others argue that the murder weapon was not the real weapon that killed Kercher.

Guede has since pled guilty to his part in the crime. After appealing his first sentence, Guede has received a punishment of 16 years in prison, which he is currently serving. However, while Knox and Sollecito have also been found guilty, they maintain their innocence in the matter. Knox is currently serving 26 years in an Italian prison, while Sollecito is serving 25.

How Accurate Was the Evidence Used in the Trial?

There are two main problems with the DNA evidence used to convict Amanda Knox. The first problem is that there is a decent chance the evidence was contaminated. Kercher was killed on November 1st. However, DNA samples were not collected until December 18th, which was 49 days after the murder.

Also, while police were collecting samples, they failed to even follow correct protocol. Between collecting samples, investigators are to switch gloves. When watching the video of the investigation, it is not only clear that investigators failed to change their gloves, but they were passing around evidence. If one investigator had Knox’s DNA on their glove and was passed a sample, they could have easily transferred DNA onto the sample.

Considering that Knox also lived in the apartment, it is very likely that her DNA would have been just about everywhere. The transferring of DNA, due to incorrect procedure is highly probable. The investigation was conducted so poorly, that it is almost laughable. The Italian police apparently sent their B-team to investigate Kercher’s murder.

Another problem lies with the murder weapon. Many believe that Kercher’s DNA was only found on the knife because that sample was also contaminated. The trace of DNA was so faint, that it could have gotten on the knife through cross contamination and not by coming into contact with Kercher. Because Knox prepared meals using the knife, finding her DNA on the handle would have been nothing to be suspicious about if the small amount of Kercher’s DNA was not found.

Additionally, the knife that was said to be the murder weapon did not even match some of the wounds on Kercher’s neck. Investigators also found an imprint of a knife, outlined in blood, on Kercher’s bed that the suspected murder weapon did not match.

Will the Amanda Knox DNA Evidence Help Free Amanda in the Future?

Because evidence had been so badly botched, Knox and Sollecito have appealed their conviction and are being given another shot at freedom. As of February 9, 2011, experts are reviewing the DNA evidence, which they must present in court on the 21st of May.

There is so much that can be said about Amanda Knox’s trial. Her character has been questioned and made a mockery of, her life has been ruined, and she has become infamous in countries across the world. It's difficult to say if she is truly innocent or is a victim of an unfair justice system. With all of these things going against her, DNA evidence may be the only thing to save her in the end.

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The Amanda Knox Extradition: Possibility or a Lost Hope?

Amanda Knox is currently spending her days locked away in an Italian jail cell, waiting to see if her appeals case will set her free. The people that strongly believe Amanda is innocent are up in arms. How could the American government let an innocent young woman--one of our own--be punished for a crime she didn’t commit?

But there are two sides to every story. On one hand, some people believe that Amanda Knox was given every fair chance to prove her innocence. She was given an 11-month trial in which her lawyers had ample time to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that she had not murdered her roommate. Amanda was also given an impartial jury, who listened to her case and reviewed the evidence throughout the entire trial. In the end, the jury deliberated and discussed the case for ten hours, after which, they found her guilty.

Should Amanda Be Extradited?

Amanda is an American citizen. She was given a visa by the Italian government to study, not to commit murder within their country. Her trial was not even paid for by the country she called home, it was funded with tax money collected from Italian citizens. For these reasons, many Italians find it insulting that Americans want her extradited.

However, many over in the United States see it very differently. Many people believe that the evidence was handled poorly and that prosecutors were out to get Knox, simply because she was an American woman. If you look at the evidence and motive presented, you could easily find a few questionable things. This leaves many American citizens wondering why, if Amanda Knox is innocent and has not been given a fair trial, would the American government allow her to be held in an Italian jail.

Is the Extradition Even a Possibility

There are many rules and policies surrounding extradition. The American government cannot force Italy, with whom they have a good relationship, to hand over a murderer. This is not how extradition laws work. Being an American citizen does not give someone a free pass to wreck havoc in another country. If a foreign country gives an American a visa and allows them to spend time on their soil, the person is responsible for their actions during their stay.

If an American citizen committed murder in the US, then ran off to Italy, American officials may ask that Italy extradite the criminal so they may be held accountable for their actions in the American court system. If an Italian citizen killed a person on American soil then returned home, they would also be extradited back to the United States. This is how extradition works. No country can ask that a citizen be extradited simply because they do not agree with their punishment.

That being said, American officials may request that Amanda Knox be extradited to finish her sentence in the US. The Italian government may comply or they may decide that they prefer to keep her in an Italian prison. The decision would be entirely up to them.

What People Are Saying About the Amanda Knox Extradition

Many American citizens believe that even if Amanda Knox is innocent, she will be made to look like a murderer. Regardless of whether forensic experts prove that the DNA evidence used against her in the first trial was contaminated or inconclusive, many people feel that she will be found guilty.

The Italian media has put in a great deal of effort to make the public believe that Amanda was a promiscuous, conniving, manipulative woman. It would hurt their pride and may negatively impact how the public feels about their court system to now say otherwise. Also, it’s no secret that, in Italy, American women are seen as loud, obnoxious individuals, driven by selfishness and feminist beliefs. Of course, not every Italian thinks this, but that is the common stereotype.

What Will Happen to Amanda Knox?

To force the Italian government to extradite Amanda Knox would be a slap in the face to the Italian people. The Amanda Knox extradition would certainly insult the competence of Italian authorities and their court system. Regardless of whether Amanda Knox’s trial was completely fair, the Italian legal system is similar to that of the US.

Just as she would have in the United States, Amanda was given lawyers, as well as a trial judged by a jury and overseen by a judge. She was allowed to present her case, as the prosecution was allowed to present theirs. There is no way that Amanda Knox will be extradited and allowed to walk free in the United States. Her only hope of a semi-normal life is to prove her innocence in appeals court by discrediting the DNA evidence that was originally used to put her behind bars.

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The Amanda Knox Family on Oprah

Amanda Knox was just an average girl, spending a year of college studying in Italy, when her flatmate and friend, Meredith Kercher, was killed. What Knox thought would be a year of discovery and adventure, turned out to be nothing but an unshakable nightmare.

Knox is now serving a 26-year sentence for a crime that she says she didn’t commit. Her life, as well as her family, has been torn apart by the tragedy. Through it all, Knox’s family has stood by her side, proclaiming her innocence. Now back in the US, Knox’s parents, Edda Mellas and Curt Knox, appeared on Oprah to share their story with the American people.

Their Side of the Story

Watching Amanda Knox’s parents, who are currently separated, talk about their ordeal is gut wrenching. It’s so obvious that Amanda’s parents are not only devastated, but they fully believe that their daughter is wasting her life, sitting in a jail cell, for a crime she did not commit.

Parents, Edda Mella and Curt Knox, have supported Amanda since day one. They have been so outspoken about their daughter’s innocence that the Italian police are currently suing them for libel because of a 2007 interview. To this day, Knox’s mother swears that Meredith Kercher and her daughter were great friends. She believes that Amanda received a “trial by media”, that if it weren’t for the media publicly crucifying her daughter, that Amanda would have been found innocent in the courtroom. Anyone that didn’t feel sorry for Amanda and her family before, will certainly be moved after watching their emotional interview.

During the interview, Oprah asked Mellas and Knox about their visits with Amanda, their weekly phone calls, and their feelings about how their daughter has been treated. Amanda is allowed one phone call a week, which the entire family gathers around for just to hear her voice. The ten minute connection is what makes up most of their relationship these days, but they said that Amanda tries to be strong and maintain her cheerful demeanor.

One especially touching moment was when Oprah asked Mellas about visiting his daughter in prison. He told the audience about a past visit where all Amanda could do was cry and ask why this was all happening to her. He tearfully comforted her and explained that she was in the “middle of a massive mistake.” Watching Knox’s parents in so much pain really makes people wonder. Many parents can almost imagine themselves in their position. Losing a child for 26 years is obviously extremely devastating.

The Family Explains Life After the Trial

After being sentenced to 26 years in an Italian prison, Amanda has been working to receive her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and awaiting her appeals case. The University of Washington has even designed a special program that allows Amanda to study while in prison. Since she and her family believe that she will one day be released, they feel as if earning her bachelor's is the best way to fill her time.

But Amanda’s life has not been the only one affected. Amanda has three sisters who have had their world turned upside-down as well. The eldest of the three sisters, Deanna Knox, who is only 21, has had to drop out of college and find a full time job. Money has been tight, especially since Amanda’s parents had to mortgage their home to afford her legal fees.

Oprah painted a picture of a family, that even in the toughest times, has stuck together and supported one another. They all love Amanda and cannot wait for the day she comes home. The girls even try to stay strong for their parents. They know how much they worry about her and how heartbroken they are. If one thing has been made clear, it’s that Amanda’s family is suffering, maybe not as much as she is, but very much in their own way.

The Amanda Knox Family on Oprah: What Does Oprah Think About the Knox Case?

Ever the diplomat, Oprah has not released a statement on whether she believes Knox was or was not Meredith Kercher’s killer. What she did, however, was give Amanda’s family a platform from which to speak to the public. Before the dramatic Lifetime movie and interview with Oprah, many Americans didn’t really follow the case. While spreading awareness of the alleged injustice may not free Amanda, the Knox and Mellas family hope that it will at least open the public’s eyes to their side of the story.

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The Amanda Knox Film

Almost every great tragedy gets a Lifetime movie. For a story to be picked up by Lifetime, the network actually has to be certain that viewers will tear up at least twice. This is why, when the good people over at the network heard about the murder of Meredith Kercher, they jumped on the opportunity to make it into a movie -- the meredith kercher and amanda knox film.

However, usually Lifetime movies are about the victim--not the alleged murderer. Many people would be shocked to hear that the movie is not called the "Meredith Kercher Story", but instead, "Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy."

Yet, the film is still a tragedy. To the parents of Amanda Knox, the real tragedy is how the film portrayes their daughter. While the makers of the film claim that the movie remained neutral, viewers will be left with a very clear impression of the case. But is it the right one?

How Does the Film Depicts the Trial and the Defendents

The Amanda Knox film is based on real events, but does veer off course on multiple occasions. The story is, of course, sensationalized. Television networks don’t necessarily aim to paint the truest picture of a situation, but get the highest ratings. And this movie is sure to pull in viewers.

In the movie, Hayden Panettiere plays Amanda Knox. Hayden comes off as bratty, selfish, and an all-around unpleasant young woman. Her character is cold and doesn’t appear to be bothered by her roommate’s brutal murder. Panettiere defended her acting by saying that when watching recordings of the trial, she noticed that Knox appeared “bubbly and happy”. She admitted that Knox’s demeanor was a bit “creepy”, but she tried to play a girl whose personality was unaffected by her horrible circumstances.

Unfortunately, if viewers based their opinion on Hayden’s portrayal alone, they would undoubtedly assume that Knox was guilty. This is unsettling when considering that Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, are currently appealing the guilty verdict of their 2009 trial. The timing of the movie is not exactly ideal for either of the defendents, who are hoping that the film will have no impact on their case.

Overall, Lifetime did maka an attempt to be impartial. One scene depicts police treating Knox unfairly and basically forcing her to lie during questioning. The film really didn’t give viewers a reason as to why Amanda would want to kill her roommate. Other than the fact that Knox thought Kercher was too innocent and Kercher thought Knox was too untidy, the film did not explore the motive behind the crime.

Producer, Trevor Walton, claimed to have created the film to be as unbiased as possible. Creators did not want to affect the ongoing trial and felt that the movie was “responsibly” done. Unfortunately, some major media outlets are giving the film poor ratings. The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, The Boston Herald, and People magazine have all had negative things to say about the drama.

What the Stars Have to Say

The film’s producers unsurprisingly defend their portrayal of Meredith Kercher’s murder and the ensuing trial. The stars of the film seem to be proud of their work as well. The star of the film, Hayden Panettiere, claimed that the movie was based very closely on fact, which those that have followed the case would know to be untrue, as many of the scenes are pretty off-base.

It’s obvious that Hayden believes that the film is accurate and “tastefully done.” When later asked if she believed that Knox was truly innocent, she seemed undecided. However, regardless of whether Knox is innocent or guilty of the crime, even Hayden agrees that her treatment has been completely unfair. Unfortunately, many people believe that her portrayal of Knox was very much unfair as well.

How the Film Has Affected Public Opinion

Neither the victim’s, nor the defendents’ families wanted this film to happen. So far, it’s difficult to say how the public has been affected. It’s safe to say that viewers with no prior knowledge of the case will probably believe that Knox is either guilty, or very strange.

Amanda Knox has seen parts of the film and is in no way happy with her portrayal. Her parents are also irate. The lawyers working for Meredith Kercher’s family, Raffaele Sollecito, and Amanda Knox have all threatened legal action against Lifetime.

The real issue is whether people in Italy will see the movie. If the judge and jury were to watch it, would their opinion of the case change? Would they feel more negatively about Knox because of her portrayal in an American movie? The Amanda Knox film has the potential to sway Italian audiences and help keep an innocent woman in jail, or on the other hand, help a murderer go free. Only time will really tell how the movie will affect the events and people it portrays.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Amanda Knox Trial

These days, it’s hard to shock people. It takes something really sick to make the public even bat an eye. Unfortunately, the murder of Meredith Kercher was exactly that -- sick, horrifying, and completely shocking culminating into the amanda knox trial.

Meredith Kercher was a 21-year old woman, studying as a foreign exchange student at the University of Perugia, at the time of her murder. Originally from London, Meredith was unfamiliar with the area and hoping to meet new friends in Perugia. She ended up sharing a flat with an American exchange student by the name of Amanda Knox. Sadly, this women ended up being anything but a friend to Ms. Kercher.

On the night of November 1st, 2007, Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered in her flat after coming home from an early night out with friends. The next afternoon, her flatmate, Ms. Knox, anxiously called around looking for Meredith. She finally became so “worried” that boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, called 112, the Italian equivalent of 911.

How the Infamous Trial Came to Be

Once the Italian Police arrived on scene, they quickly found the mutilated body of Meredith Kercher, laying in a pool of her own blood under a duvet. Meredith had been strangled, sexually assaulted, and finally stabbed in the chest. The knife punctured a lung and Meredith died a slow, agonizing death, as she drowned in the blood filling her chest.

After questioning Knox and Sollecito, it was obvious that their stories did not add up. The scene was poorly made out to look like a burglary, but Italian police quickly pieced together the evidence. The DNA of friend, Rudy Hermann Guede, was found inside of Meredith’s body. Both Knox and Sollecito also left footprints and DNA all over the flat, as well as on the murder weapon.

Guede stood trial on October 16, 2008, and was convicted 8 days later. He was first sentenced to 30 years in prison, but appealed the decision and received a reduced sentence of 16 years for his part in the crime.

The Outcome of the Trial

But the trial is not known as ‘The Guede Trial’, it’s known as “The Amanda Knox Trial.” There was no reason for Amanda to kill her flatmate and friend. Other than stealing two cellphones, a few credit cards, and around 300 Euros, she had no motive. She was not threatened, nor was she provoked.

Apparently, Amanda Knox and boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, had been reading violent and sexually explicit comic books that influenced their behavior. If that wasn’t weird enough, the court is claiming that smoking hashish also helped turn them into twisted killers.

On the night of the murder, Guede came on to Meredith Kercher. When she resisted him, he forced himself upon her with the help of Sollecito and Knox. The sexual assault then escalated into a brutal attack and ended in death. How this happened can only be speculated. Since the guilty refuse to speak, no one may ever know exactly why Ms. Kercher was killed.

On December 4, 2009, Amanada Knox was convicted of murder, carrying a weapon, sexual assault, and faking a burglary. Her sentence was 26 long years in prison. Sollecito was also found guilty of these charges, as well as robbery, and sentenced to 25 years. Kercher’s family is happy with the verdict and believes that justice has been served.

Fair? Was “Foxy Knoxy” Mistreated?

While the Kercher family is happy with the outcome of the trial, much of the public is not. Amanda Knox has become a bit of a celebrity in her own right, even earning herself the name “Foxy Knoxy.” The Amanda Knox trial was so popular in the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States, that many people had hoped her innocent.

Some skeptics believe that the Italian court system was too hard on Amanda and did not give her a fair trial, simply because she’s an American. Knox herself claimed to have given incorrect information during questioning due to exhaustion, confusion, and shock. She claimed to have been treated poorly during the questioning process, which affected her trial.

Unfortunately, even one of her lawyers disagree. Carlo Dalla Vedova, one of the men that had represented Knox, later called the trial fair.

The fact of the matter is that Knox was there during the murder. Her bloody footprint was found underneath the body. Her DNA was found on a knife that also held DNA of the deceased. If she did not raise the knife to Meredith’s chest, she was at least there when it happened. These circumstances make it difficult to feel sorry for her or find her innocent. At the very least, she could have attempted to save her friend.

Regardless, Amanda Knox is determined to prove her innocence. In April 2010, Knox’s and Sollecito's lawyers filed an appeal. The “trial de novo”, or new trial, began on December 11, 2010. The court is currently having experts reexamine the DNA evidence that sealed Knox’s fate.

Is Amanda Knox truly guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher? While we may not know yet, we certainly will soon.

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Monday, 28 February 2011

The Steven Tyler Biography

Steven Tyler, best known as the frontman for the band Aerosmith, has had two careers. The first was marked by an addiction to drugs and subsequent professional collapse. The second began when seeking treatment for his addictions led to decades of sobriety and artistic success. 

Today he may best be known as one of the judges on 'American Idol', but no Steven Tyler biography would be complete without discussing his musical roots, rise, fall, and resurrection, as well as his impact on pop culture today.


Born as Steven Tallarico in 1948 in New York, NY, to Susan and Victor Tallarico, Tyler was exposed to music at an early age by his father, a classical pianist. He would later recall spending countless hours under his father's piano, playing games as he listened to many of the great masterpieces of classical music. By age 16 he had formed his first band, called 'The Strangeurs' for a while, and had also started to play for other local bands. His drug problem had already begun to surface, though, and he was expelled from Roosevelt High School. Eventually graduating from Leonard Quintano for Young Professionals School, Tyler continued to play music while struggling as a songwriter. Perhaps Aerosmith's most famous song, "Dream On" was actually written during this period of self-discovery.

In 1969, while attending a concert in New Hampshire, Tyler befriended Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton. At the time the two guitarists were playing for a local group called 'The Jam Band'. Continuing the friendship, the trio decided to form a band the following year and, after moving to Boston, invited Joey Kramer to play drums for what was to become 'Aerosmith'.


After changing managers, Aerosmith spent the early 1970s opening for other bands, with their musical style and energy often inviting comparisons to the Rolling Stones. Signing with Columbia Records in 1971, they released the albums 'Aerosmith' in 1973 and 'Get Your Wings' in 1974. Though the song "Dream On" made it to #59 on the rock charts in 1973, it wasn't until after 'Toys in the Attic' and 'Rocks' were released in 1975 and '76 that the band began to develop its own following. "Sweet Emotion" broke into the Top 40 in 1975 and was followed by the Top 10 successes of the re-released "Dream On" and "Walk This Way" the following year. Aerosmith was soon a major draw and, after filling stadiums throughout the United States, the band soon launched Japanese and European tours. This first golden period was capped by their appearance in the film version of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', with their cover of "Come Together" being their last Top 40 hit for nearly a decade.

No Steven Tyler biography would be complete, however, without mentioning his gradual descent into un-controlled drug use. Always known for his powerful and expressive vocals, by the early 1980s Tyler had started to collapse on stage due to excessive substance abuse. His struggles were compounded by a motorcycle crash in 1980 that prevented him from recording for a while and the departures, in 1979 and 1981, of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford from the band only reinforced the perception that Aerosmith was already in decline.


Though Perry and Bradford would eventually re-join the band after attending a concert in 1984, Tyler's drug use continued to spiral out of control. Following a stretch that saw the band produce no Top 40 hits, the band finally intervened and urged Tyler to enter rehab in 1986. It would be easy for a Steven Tyler biography to end here, with him as a washed-up star, but after going clean the lanky frontman seemed to inspire his fellow bandmates to also give up their drug use. Soon Aerosmith was writing and recording again, this time for a generation that had grown up with videos being as much a part of the music experience as the songs.

Collaborating with Run-D.M.C. on a cover of "Walk This Way" that brought them immediate national recognition, Aerosmith soon created a string of songs that were boosted in sales by the appeal of the videos that accompanied them. Often starring breakout stars like Alicia Silverstone, Josh Holloway, Edward Furlong, and Tyler's own daughter Liv, pieces like "Cryin", "Livin' on the Edge", and "Crazy" dominated the airwaves and cable music video channels throughout the early 1990s, boosting Aerosmith to superstardom as they did so.

This comeback was punctuated by the prominence given to Aerosmith songs like "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" in the 1998 science fiction adventure 'Armageddon', which also starred Tyler's daughter Liv. The band's first #1 hit, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" was also the first song by a rock band to debut at that spot on the charts. Similar success followed with the 2001 album 'Just Push Play', featuring the song "Jaded" and, in the same year, the band was invited to play at Superbowl XXXV.


Aerosmith's combination of the 'hair metal' and pop sounds was falling out of fashion, however, and by the 2000s they were no longer considered on the forefront of developments in rock. Though their songs continued to play on various rock stations throughout the decade, they were supplanted by various alternative bands as contenders for the title of the nation's most well-known group. By 2009 Tyler had stopped renewing his contract with Aerosmith and the nature of the band's existence was in question. Though he ended up touring with them the following year, Tyler also began pursuing solo opportunities, notably writing songs to accompany the Japanese film 'Space Battleship Yamamoto'.

Another page has recently been added to the Steven Tyler biography, however. At the end of 2010 Tyler was invited to join the judging lineup of the Fox TV show 'American Idol', a career move that has introduced him to a third generation of music fans.

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What Are Steve Jobs' Health Problems?

He ushered in the information age by transforming the way in which individuals connect with society, but now rumors of Steve Jobs health problems have caused concern among the very investors who have relied for years on this unusual inventor's knack for combining technical innovation and style.

Such reports have flashed across the internet before, however, and each previous health scare has seen Jobs return to form with the introduction of such products as the iPhone and the iPad. Though it may turn out that current stories about his ill health are also exaggerated, his life to this point, which has included stretches as a college drop-out, founder of a start-up business, and motion picture producer, is certainly worth reviewing.


Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955 to Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali, both of whom were graduate students. Given up for adoption, Jobs was taken into the home of Clara and Paul Jobs of Mountain View, California. While attending high school in Cupertino, California, he sat in on lectures on computer science that were being given at the Hewlett-Packard Company. Eventually hired as a summer employee, it was at Hewlett-Packard that Jobs met Steve Wozniak, with whom he would later found Apple Computers. In 1972 Jobs enrolled at Portland, Oregon's Reed College but soon dropped out. Working odd jobs and frequently sleeping on floors in friends' dorm rooms, Jobs nevertheless continued to audit several classes at Reed. He would later cite a class he took on calligraphy at the school as a major inspiration for his later insistence that all Apple products combine elegant design with innovative technology.

Eventually returning to California, Jobs took a job as a technician with arcade-game manufacturer Atari. It was there that he enlisted the help of his old friend Wozniak to re-design the circuit board for the popular game 'Breakout'. Jobs, Wosniak, and Ronald Wayne would, with the financial support of former Intel employee Mike Makkula Jr., go on to found Apple in 1976.


The notion that every individual could own and operate a computer was once considered a fantasy. Even as late as the early 1980s, most computers were large, bulky machines that required an understanding of computer programming to operate. Jobs, along with others in his generation, felt that computers could be simplified and, with the introduction of Apple's Macintosh, spearheaded the development of 'point and click' computers that has recently culminated in devices like the iPhone and iPad. Though heralded for its innovation and already possessing a loyal customer following, Apple nonetheless suffered losses, along with many other companies, when the bubble surrounding the electronics market burst in 1984. Boardroom maneuvers forced Jobs out of the company he had founded by the middle of 1985.

Believing that the next step in technology was the 'interpersonal' computer, Jobs founded NeXT Computing, a company that initially specialized in developing platforms for collaborative educational applications. In 1986 he also purchased the graphics division of Lucasfilm, eventually turning it into Pixar. Though Pixar's initial attempts at marketing a graphics-centered computer were unsuccessful, the company's fortunes reversed when it started developing animated films. When NeXT was eventually bought by Apple and Pixar by Disney, Jobs found himself in leadership positions within two major companies, one of which he had originally co-founded and been fired from.

By 1997 Apple's fortunes had turned sour. Jobs was asked to take over as Chief Executive Officer. He immediately ended development of various unprofitable projects and returned the company to its original philosophy of developing simple, aesthetically pleasing products. This emphasis on simplicity led, in turn, to the development of the iPod, iPhone, and, over a decade later, iPad. Each has transitioned the consumer further and further away from the use of elaborate desktop platforms that incorporate multiple pieces and are largely immobile.


Steve Jobs health problems first became a concern in 2004 when his pancreas was discovered to have a cancerous tumor. Though initially insisting on relying on a special diet instead of medical intervention to hold off the condition, Jobs eventually underwent what is called the 'Whipple Procedure' to remove the tumor. Though this operation appeared successful at first, Jobs' appearance at various conventions over the following years drove rumors that he was dying. In 2008 the Bloomberg business news agency even published his obituary. By 2009 Apple began to admit that his health concerns were more complicated than initially reported and that he was suffering from a hormonal imbalance. A January, 2011 video appearance and subsequent leave of absence from Apple led many to believe that Steve Jobs health problems had continued to deteriorate, causing the company's stock value to fluctuate.

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